My Week in Pictures

You may have noticed I had no ‘What Caught My Eye‘ on the blog on Sunday. Fear not, the feature hasn’t disappeared, I have! Last week was super busy, and I didn’t have the laptop on much, the iPad was used to select Netflix shows and my phone was simply a means of keeping in contact (oh and a camera, it was also a camera!)

I read very little, aside from a few pages here and there of my current book, I know nothing of what was going on in the world and when I was online it was mainly to admire pictures on Instagram! It was a very refreshing week, I had lots of time with the children, got lots of stuff done.

Family Time

Watching the world go by.

Visiting the playground.

Playschool Sports day, this boy was so excited to get his first medal. Everyone is a winner!

Our preschoolers had their sports day, first for the small boy, last for the fairy girl as she also went to ‘big school’ during the week to meet her new teacher and the other boys and girls that she would be going to school with.

As our smallest girl is preparing to go into school, our 12 year old celebrated her graduation ceremony with her friends, classmates and teachers, saying goodbye to eight years of primary school.

Simply, enjoying time.

In the Garden

I spent an abundance of time in the garden. I have never before appreciated the space as much as I do now. I’m not a gardener and ours resembles more a jungle than a garden. It is haphazard and overgrown but it is also wild and beautiful.

A daisy behind her ear – this one loves the wild flowers
From where I sit. And abundance of branches framing blue sky, creating a canopy to sit under and just enjoy my little wilderness.

Last year I painted my mother’s old baking tins and they provided lots of colour in the Summer and here they are again this year. I can’t help but smile when I see them, she would have loved to see them. She enjoyed baking and gardening so much, I’ve brought both hobbies together here for her.

My small girl really wanted to grow some strawberries, there they are in yet another upcycled feature, an old tyre! On the right we have our potatoes, they’re starting to flower now.


My chickpea can planters are doing well, as you can see the begonia, the purple, is even flowering now.

I cleared an overgrown space and I’ve put some grass seed in, later on I will plant some bulbs along by the fence. Last year we uncovered and old railway sleeper pillar that’s been here since before our time, it’s aging but beautiful and I’ve given it a new lease of life with a coat of paint.

Finally, I started a new flower bed. I’m hoping to create a cottage garden. I say started as this will be a work in progress but I’ve made a good start. The bees are absolutely loving the lavender! I am loving all of it. I can see it from the kitchen window and it is bringing me much joy.

In Other News

While I have been taking care of the garden, Mr. Simply Homemade has been busying himself with the sitting room. Having been in our house for 12 years we thought it was time to renovate it a little. The walls have been painted a lovely crisp white, new blinds are on the windows, I have some lovely extra pieces to hang on the walls. Mr. S/H is currently putting the floor down. I will save all of that for another post.

Looking back on the week it’s easy see why the laptop and it’s digital pals took a back seat really. I achieved a huge amount and felt good doing it. There’s a lot to be said for just doing things.

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