There is so much happening on Netflix right now that is must watch viewing. This is a small selection of what I’m watching and waiting for!

First up for me is Bloodline Season 2, I absolutely loved the first season and judging by the trailer, for the new season, while things may not be getting better for the Rayburn clan, it is for us, the viewers.

June 17th sees the return of the much loved Orange is the New Black. Season 4 of this Netflix original looks to be full to the brim with drama for the inmates in Litchfield.

Another fantastic show to look out for (a couple of people have asked me when this will be streaming!) is Happy Valley. Streaming from June 3rd, this is another one not to be missed!


In October 1998, Matt Shepard was brutally attacked and left to die, because he was gay, leaving behind. The documentary, Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, chronicles his short life and revisits the case. It will be streaming from June 14th.


The children haven’t been forgotten in this post, there is already buckets of shows for their entertainment and even more being added! My two smallest people will be absolutely delighted when  Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship Season 2 hits Netflix on June 10th.
Dragons: Race to the Edge Season 3 24/06/16

I foresee great excitement in our house thanks to the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom!!
Spongebob Squarepants Season 7 30/06/16



I cannot finish this post of recommendations without including the following movie, which will be available from June 1st. It’s such a classic and yes, we’ve seen it a thousand times, but watch it now again I will, though I may well feel a bit odd admiring Jack in the same way I did ‘a few’ (ahem) years ago. This was the best Titanic movie of all time, in my opinion anyway. Definitely a #Netflixandchill movie.

As a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team I have received complimentary Netflix membership and in return will be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own!

3 thoughts on “Netflix

  1. You have made my day with Titanic!
    I haven’t got around to watching Bloodline yet but am really looking forward to OITNB and Happy Valley coming back! The Matt Shepard documentary will be going on the “To watch” list (that list gets longer and longer)

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