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Fellow Netflix Stream Teamers will be familiar with the monthly newsletter we receive,  which this month had a very interesting little twist, that involved handing our precious blogs over to our children. With March seeing us celebrate Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, Netflix want to hear much the kids love their  Mums. So here goes!



Hey there! We are Caoimhe & Jack. We are on our Mam’s blog so we can enter a Netflix competition that we really want to win! We are going to tell you how much we love our Mam and how much we love Netflix too.


Our Mammy

We love our Mammy because
She makes us lots of yummy dinner.
She spoils with delicious, healthy treats
She really is a winner!

Mammy helps us with our homework,
Though she is rubbish at the maths!
She does lots of crafts with us,
We really have some laughs.

Our Mammy thinks of nice things to do
When we are out and about.
She brings us for lovely walks
When the weather is nice out.

Mammy makes us feel much better
If we’re feeling sad.
She gives the greatest hugs,
The best hugs in the land.

We love Mammy to the moon & back,
She really is the best.
And if we win this competition,
She’ll be delighted for us, yes!


Our MambyThe Simply Homemade Kids

Another brilliant thing our Mam does is that she lets us watch our favourite shows on Netflix. We love Netflix. It has really cool movies and the Netflix people make great original series too. It’s brilliant for family time, with so many choices there is always something for us all to watch together. Our little sister and brother love snuggling under our Netflix Night In blanket with us watching the Toy Story Trilogy…….we’ve seen those movies alot now!

A cool feature on Netflix that Mam loves is that we have different profiles so we can’t see anything that isn’t suitable for our age groups. Even our little brother and sister have a profile so they can’t see programmes for older children.

Our older sister loves to watch some of her favourite anime on Netflix. Our little sister and brother hog it quite a bit and they watch shows like Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Masha & the Bear and My Little Pony & The Care Bears (our Mam used to watch those when she was little!!!)

We love loads of shows on Netflix like Lego Ninjago, Richie Rich, Project MC2, Earth to Echo, The Haunted Hathaways and Victorious and loads more!

We hope you loved hearing all the lovely things about our Mam and Netflix.

Thank you. Bye Bye!!


Wow! Thank you! I’m a very lucky Mama Bear to have the best bunch of children ever!

As a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team I have received complimentary Netflix membership and in return will be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own!

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