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So far this year has been very up and down for my family and I. More down it has to be said but when you’re down the only way is up right?!

One constant, one thing that has been there no matter what has been Netflix. Seriously! When we needed a laugh, a cry, something easy to watch, the children to be kept occupied, early mornings or late nights where sleep was neither staying or coming to me in the first place; Netflix came to the rescue.

Here’s a selection of what we’ve been watching.


Paw Patrol – Needs no introduction does it?! Both small people love this!

Image result for paw patrol netflix


My Little Pony – There’s a great selection of My Little Pony shows and movies currently streaming but without doubt, Rainbow Rocks is Abbie’s favourite. She dances and sings to her heart’s content.

Image result for My Little pony rainbow rocks netflix

Thomas & Friends – Thomas needs no introduction either! Harry’s favourite by a mile.

Image result for thomas and friends netflix

Alvin & the Chipmunks – Who remembers watching Alvin & the Chipmunks? This was a show that I enjoyed myself way back when we had to wait until a particular day at a particular time. It’s now very popular with my own children.

Image result for Alvin and the chipmunks netflix

Spirit: Riding Free – Abbie has started watching this Netflix original. It’s great!

We’ve had quite a few ‘Movie Nights’ with the children too, watching The Bee Movie, Postman Pat, Flushed Away, Thomas & The Magic Railroad, to name a few.

Puffin Rock
Season 2 of Puffin Rock is now streaming too (I actually like this one myself!!)


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Image result for Fresh prince of Bel Air netflix

Pretty Little Liars

Image result for pretty little liars netflix

Mamma Mia

Image result for Mamma Mia netflix

This week Lisa over at Bad Mammy published a great list of Coming of Age Movies currently streaming that may be fun to watch with your tweens. Caoimhe and I plan to watch some of them together.


Bloodline – All three seasons available, all three brilliant. Definitely one of my Netflix favourites.


Image result for bloodline season 3 netflix

Orange is The New Black

Image result for orange is the new black season 5 release date on netflix

What’s for Sale? With a View: Season 1 – Mr. Simply Homemade watched this. I suspect he was fantasising about a house overlooking a lake in Canada or some such place!! He enjoyed it.

Image result for whats for sale with a view netflix

The Overnight – A lighthearted, funny, easy watch.

Image result for The Overnight netflix


Image result for closer netflix

Handsome Devil – Absolutely brilliant. **Must Watch** Add it to your list!

Image result for the handsome devil netflix

Catch and Release

Image result for catch and release netflix

PS I Love You

Image result for ps i love you netflix

Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

Image result for small is beautiful a tiny house documentary netflix

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things – I have to admit, I really enjoyed this and genuinely took a lot from it…..I’ve taken quite a bit from the house since watching it too!!

Image result for minimalism netflix

Stay tuned for more from me about Netflix. September is looking to continue with some excellent series making a return; Call the Midwife season 5 is back on September 6th (yes!) Happy Valley season 2 streams from September 15th and one I am really looking forward to, Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father: Season 1 arrives September 22.

As a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team I have received complimentary Netflix membership and in return will be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own!





2 thoughts on “Netflix Update

  1. I’ll definitely be adding the house documentaries to my list! Not sure about the films though – one includes most hated film ever, but it is loved by many, I know

    1. We really enjoyed the documentaries 😊 I’m guessing PS I Love You?? Not a patch on the book but stuck it one night for an easy watch, background noise so to speak, actually enjoyed it, didn’t like it at all first time round lol! (Probably says more about my frame of mind than anything else!!)

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