Happy New Year……..King Julien Style

The children have been asking to stay up late on New Years Eve, I’ve been reluctant to let them, I’ll be doing well to be still up myself!

Then…..the post man arrived…..with this


A King Julien party box courtesy of Netflix!!

King Julien_001_S1E2The children were delighted, 9 year old Jack in particular. King Julien is the lemur from the Madagascar movies which he is a big fan of, and was so annoyed when prior engagements meant we couldn’t attend the King Julien premiere recently in Dublin. As soon as it premiered on Netflix, he sat down and watched every episode!!

He declared it brilliantly funny!

They were very quick to get their party together this evening. 013We had copious amounts of sweets left after christmas so some of those were thrown into bowls, streamers adorned everything including themselves.


With this not being a champagne and cocktails sort of a do, the drink of choice was ‘Special Hot Chocolate’*

*How to make a Special Hot Chocolate 018

Fill a cup with milk, promptly pour it into a saucepan and add three or four of your favourite chocolates and warm through, stirring to mix the chocolates as they melt. Pour back into your cup, top with marshmallows and crushed malteasers. And there you have it, flavoursome Hot Chocolate & happy children.



King Julien was on and danced their socks off to the music. He’s quite the mover you know!!

Untitled design (2)

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and turned a normal afternoon into one of great fun, full of laughter & dancing.

Untitled design (3)

Two year old Abbie was terribly excited when it came to counting down to 2015 and has since been wishing us all a Happy New Year!


To quote King Julien, it’s 2015 somewhere!


Happy New Year

As a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team I have received a complimentary one year Netflix membership along with an Apple Tv. I will in turn be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own! We also received the All Hail King Julien part box courtesy of Netflix.



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