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New Year, New Nothing ♥ Body Positivity

Tell me I’m not alone in finding the ‘diet culture’ messages intolerable at the moment. We are being bombarded left right and centre. I cannot help but feel that it is both overwhelming and unnecessary.

I know there are many who won’t be of the same opinion as me, but I don’t agree with the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ concept. You’re fine as you are; if I liked you in December, chances are I like you now.

The 1st of January arrives and every slimming club in the land is offering discounts and encouraging  all & sundry through their doors. The cookbook prices are slashed and by the time you’re lean in fifteen, you will have also eaten yourself beautiful. Gyms are on fire, and the discount supermarkets cannot keep up with the demand for jogging pants and kettle bells. And for what?? Because for two weeks we indulged a little bit more, we may have had a few extra glasses of wine, the cheese was out not to mention the celebrations. For two weeks we chilled out, we enjoyed ourselves, caught up with friends and family, spent days in our pyjamas eating Christmas pudding and watching endless movies.

THE FECKIN’ SHAME!!! How dare we? How feckin’ dare we……relax at Christmastime?? Who do we think we are?? We should be ashamed.

And that my friends is the problem. It is ingrained in us to feel ashamed because we relaxed and enjoyed the festive season. ‘We shouldn’t have eaten that’ ‘What was I thinking?’ ‘Never again’ We are suddenly so fixated on everything that passed our lips during that two weeks of down time that the shine has been taken off, the glitter ball has lost it’s glitter, the fairy lights have well and truly blown.

It was two weeks, that’s all, two weeks!! Stop feeling ashamed. It is two weeks to relax, unwind, enjoy yourself before getting back to the normal everyday grind where wine, cheese boards and selection boxes don’t feature. I am a firm believer in eating a good healthy balanced diet, and getting as much or as little exercise as you want, but get some exercise, it does wonders for head space! I also believe that Christmas comes once a year and it is a time, more than any other, to relax, chill out, overindulge, reflect, give thanks and damn well enjoy!

Since New Years Day I have never seen so many pages and groups appear on my  facebook time line for healthy recipes, slimming clubs, green this, whole that, clean eating and not to mention the tea toxes, detoxes and meal replacement shakes. I am not a nutritionist nor a medical professional but I do know this; we all have a liver, we all have (at least one) kidneys. These are all we need to detox, that’s all. Detox teas and supplements are dangerous. There really is no need for them. Yes you will lose weight if you drink them and eat little else, there’s another word for that, starvation.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not suggesting you don’t lose weight if that is what YOU want to do and it is right for YOU. I am not suggesting you don’t exercise if that is what YOU want to do. You can do these things at anytime, it does not have to be on the 1st of January, these things do not come with a time scale. What I am suggesting is that you don’t bow to pressure from social media. Exercise for health, fitness and mindfulness. If you want to lose weight, do so in a healthy manner.


I really feel attitudes need to change, we need more body positivity and less body shaming.We need to embrace ourselves and shed the guilt. Exercise for health not fashion.  A healthy balanced diet is achievable without reaching into your pocket to add fuel to an already saturated culture.

The weight loss market global value is expected to reach £220billion by 2017, thanks to players Atkins Nutritionals, Weight Watchers International, NutriSystem and Herbalife

Sharon over at Behind Green Eyes published a fantastic piece yesterday that really took an indepth look at Slimming World, she wasn’t knocking it, it has worked for many, but as we have all learned at various different times, ‘one size does not fit all’ The real eye opener for me in Sharon’s post was the results of her ‘on plan’ day when she input her dietary information into My Fitness Pal. The results were quite shocking, especially considering all we know now about sugar. I’d recommend you read the post; The Dark Side of Slimming World & Healthier Snack Alternatives.


Please, make your own choices and make them for you, not because society is telling you too. Don’t lose weight to fit into a dress, get a dress that fits.

Those of you who read regularly know me and know how I feel about certain matters. I am in no way promoting an ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle with this post. Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts.



9 thoughts on “New Year, New Nothing ♥ Body Positivity

  1. Fantastic post and I totally agree. I am fairly lucky as I don’t gain weight very easily and I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth but the focus on thin can actually be dangerous. The number of school girls with eating disorders is frightening and all because of our societies unhealthy fixation on being thin!

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 It is frightening to think of young girls striving for this perceived image of perfection that is mostly computer generated. You are right, society has such an unhealthy fixation on thin and equating it to healthy. It needs to change, we need to change it.

  2. So much truth in this! We berate ourselves instead of celebrating that we are here, we punish ourselves for simple enjoyments and we are encouraged to treat our amazing bodies as something that needs fixing. Somewhere along the road we have messed up the idea of healthy…it is so sad to see.

  3. Needed to read this, was feeling a bit glum as I realised yesterday I’d gained a (small) amount of weight. Under harsh fitting room lighting it’s easy to feel like crap! But I’m not going to stress about it. life’s too short!

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