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Up until last November, if I wanted nut milk I simply bought it from my favourite health food store, Only Natural, here in Wexford.


Only Natural celebrated 30 years in Wexford last year and as part of their 30th birthday celebrations they hosted a demo with the ever lovely Susan Jane White, regular readers will know I’m quite a fan of hers, she talks alot of sense! It was lovely to meet the lady herself, who was generous with her time,  advising both my girls and I of some of her favourite recipes in her book, The Virtuous Tart (highly recommend!) and telling the girls how impressed she was at them producing some of her recipes from The Extra Virgin Kitchen.

The demo was great, I gathered a wealth of knowledge and we sampled some delicious, healthy treats. One of those being Nut Milk. Admittedly, I hadn’t ever given any thought to making my own nut milk before, but having seen Susan make it, this was a no brainer. Why pay for something that could be made so easily for a fraction of the cost??

Now, I use nut milk for one simple reason, I like it! It’s not part of a fad diet, I don’t have any issue consuming dairy, I don’t believe we should all stop eating dairy because some latest report suggests that we probably should, no….shock horror I just happen to like the taste, particularly in overnight oats, it’s delicious.

You will need a nut milk bag to make this, I bought mine online from Down to Earth.


Ingredients for Almond Milk*

1 Cup of Almonds

3 Cups of Water

1 teaspoon Cinnamon (optional)**

1 tbsp Honey (optional)**

*Alternatively use a mixture of nuts, I have mixed Almonds & Hazelnuts with delicious results, I have also used hazelnuts with  cacao powder making a healthy chocolate milk.

**While you don’t need to anything to your nut milk, the cinnamon and honey do give a delicious flavour to the Almond Milk.


Soak the nuts in a (sterilised) jar of water overnight.


In the morning, strain the nuts and add them to the liquidiser along with the 3 cups of water and any extras you are using. (If you want a creamier milk, use less water)


Blitz for a couple of minutes, the length of time it takes really depends on the power of your liquidiser, you want the nuts completely broken down.


Place the nut milk bag over a large bowl and pour the contents of the liquidiser jug into the bag. Squeeze until all of the liquid has been strained through the bag.


Transfer the milk to a jug or ideally a glass bottle and store in the fridge for a couple of days. You may notice some seperation, this is normal, just give the milk a shake (or stir).


Use in tea or coffee, to make porridge or as I previously mentioned it is delicious in overnight oats.

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