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My Kitchen Press Gets a Makeover

When we were building our home in 2004/2005 I knew exactly what sort of kitchen I wanted, it had to be painted. At that time they weren’t very fashionable here yet, so it proved a difficult enough task. My ideas were coming from UK based home interiors magazines and once I had my idea I wasn’t giving up. We found a young start-up company and I got my kitchen. I loved it on paper, loved it when it was fitted, it’s served me well. It is tired now though. I’ve never repainted it and it shows. It has aged and now looks like a distressed painted kitchen.

Some time ago I broached the idea with my husband of painting the larder press a different colour to the rest of the kitchen as that was looking particularly shabby at this stage. He wasn’t sure, then we got sidetracked with other household projects and it went on the long finger.

When Johnstone’s Paints got in touch regarding their ‘Doers Campaign’, I thought of my larder again. I decided spur of the moment, go big or go home, and instead of playing it safe and getting the Cream colour from their range of Revive Cupboard Paints, I went with Pastel Blue. Once the order was in I had a wobble and thought, ‘sugar, what am I doing to my vanilla kitchen?’ Then I calmed down and decided it would look great!

Prior to painting the press I washed it down with sugar soap cleaning solution. Then I rinsed it, dried it off and left it for an hour just to ensure it was thoroughly dry.

There is no need to use a primer with this paint, which is a huge time-saving bonus. Johnstone’s do suggest a light sanding, however, I skipped this as my kitchen was already painted. I hoped I wasn’t cutting a vital corner but it was fine. The paint went on and stayed on!

First coat

This paint is described as having ‘minimal odour’, now in my experience, this is printed on a lot of paints but I can assure you, in this instance, it’s true.

Work in progress

I masked off the areas where the cupboard reached the wall and floor and brush painted the edges. Following on from that, I used a small roller to apply the paint to the flat parts of the press. The paint covered extremely well and was touch dry in under an hour.

I applied a second coat and this was sufficient for full coverage with just a little touching up here and there. The finish is gorgeous, so smooth to touch and looks perfect.

The hanging hooks had been on the press for a few years. I put it back in place and I think the colours work well together.

The knob on the door was a plain wooden one so I decided to buy a nice new one to add that finishing touch. The Ceramic Knob Company were recommended to me so I checked out their website. They had a gorgeous selection, with silver or antique finishes. I picked this button one for the larder, I love it.

Johnstone’s are on a mission to inspire people across the nation to become ‘Do-ers’. Whether it’s giving the garden shed a new lease of life, upcycling an old chair or giving the living room a fresh new look, they want to encourage people up and down the country to make their projects a reality, with a little help from Johnstone’s Paints.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviving my Larder and am really looking forward to getting stuck into some more upcycling projects over the coming months. It is extremely satisfying bringing something up to date rather than replacing it.

The Cupboard Paint from Johnstone’s Revive range was so easy to work with. I will definitely be using it again. I am contemplating doing the whole kitchen when I have all my other projects ticked off. Painting isn’t something I’d done a huge amount of myself so I felt a great sense of achievement when I finished the larder.


Disclaimer: This project is a collaboration with Johnstone’s Paints & their ‘Do-ers Campaign’. Johnstone’s supplied me with paint so I can show you how easy it is to breathe new life into tired furniture. 


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  1. Did you rate this paint for using on kitchen cupboards? Can you report on how hard wearing it has been? Many thanks.

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