One Click by Andrea Mara

One Click by Andrea Mara
One photo couldn’t hurt, could it?

Lauren is on holiday in Italy with her daughters when she posts a photo of a lone woman on the beach online. Her daughters are surprised at their Mum posting a photo without consent. Lauren doesn’t actually think too much of it until she starts receiving anonymous messages about it.

Lauren bumps into the lady from the photo and confesses her actions. Cleo is initially unperturbed and thinks she knows the explanation. She has moved to Dublin to escape a very dark time in her own life. However, Lauren is not too sure that Cleo’s theory is correct.

If this wasn’t enough, Lauren’s eldest daughter Rebecca is behaving very much out of character. Lauren thinks it’s down to the breakdown of her marriage. It doesn’t help that her ex-husband Dave is living two doors away with Nadine and Dave is always quick to condemn Lauren for oversharing online.

Then there’s work. Lauren has a troubled client who starts making himself known to her outside of work. He insinuates that he knows much of her life outside of the office. Perhaps he is her troll or is that too obvious??

As the messages become more personal and menacing Lauren goes to the Gardaí. Then she makes a very small mistake with huge consequences…….

One Click is Andrea Mara‘s second book and it is just brilliant. It is fast paced, unpredictable, hard to put down and will make you think twice before posting that photo to Instagram. What a brilliant page-turner Andrea has followed The Other Side of the Wall with.

Disclaimer: I purchased my own copy of One Click and this is my own honest opinion. This post contains Affiliate Links, further details about Affiliate Links can are available on my Disclosure page.


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