One Year, One Word

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I can’t be doing with resolutions in January. Lists of unrealistic goals that leave me feeling like a failure by the 5th, thanks but no thanks. January, for me, is a time for thinking, for reflecting and putting my thoughts into perspective.

As I was reading Kate Takes 5’s One Word 2017 post it prompted me to thinking if I had one word, what would it be?

I came up with five words, but the branched out from one. My one word is ME.

That may sound arrogant, selfish, self centered, however, I promise you, it isn’t.


I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking, knowing actually, that the time has come to devote time to me. Sometimes I think women, mother’s in particular, are not very good at putting themselves first. I’m certainly not. I suffer from that dreadful ‘Stay at home Mother Guilt’. In fact another post I read this week that resonated very deeply with me was this one, Identity and At-Home Motherhood from Raising Elves. It’s a powerful post and reaffirms what I long to believe, despite what society (and even myself on the bad days) would have us think, I am worthy, I’m not a faceless being at a kitchen sink. I am not just a wife and mother; I am a person, a woman with an identity.

And that leads me back to my word for 2017 – ME. I won’t pretend the last couple of years have been a walk in the park on a very personal level, they haven’t. The fog is lifting however and the time has come to devote more time to me. The time has come to put ME first once in a while because I do matter; to show myself some kindness. I want to find myself again, get to know the woman I am, because my identity does count. I want to grow, to do more with my time, to do more with my life, to take opportunities and see what happens, to believe in myself because I am worth it.

This may not be an easy challenge, in fact I’m sure it won’t be, but I need to try, I need to do this, for ME.



9 thoughts on “One Year, One Word

  1. Great idea, go for it. I’ve been sitting here this evening thinking of all the things I want to do for myself this year and wondering where the time is going to come from to do even a fifth of it. It’s so important to think of yourself. I’ve only begyn to realise that I am lot nicer to be around when I get some time to be myself, by myself. It took my 40th birthday and some breaks away to make me remember that “me”, and even though I have a “work identity” too I feel like I’m going between one and the other and I get lost somewhere in between. Enjoy your year, and make it a lifelong resolution.

  2. Go for it. It’s the best thing I ever done. Like Bumbles of Rice says, I too am a better person (mother/wife) for it. You have to be consistent.It’s so easy to let the ‘ME’ slide when there are so many other things to do and people to care for. Over time you can suddenly turn around and realise it’s been weeks, months or even years since you’ve cared for yourself. Best wishes for 2017 <3

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