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Chicken & Vegetable Soup

October appears to be bringing with it very dull mornings which lead to blustery days, although after two days of very heavy rain it was nice to get a reprieve from that today. On days like this warm, nourishing food is called for and with the remnants of yesterdays roast chicken sitting in the fridge I figured I wouldn’t get …

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Happy Birthday Jack!

Today our little boy Jack celebrates his 6th birthday. He’s excitable at the best of times and 6.30 am this morning was no exception. He simply could not wait to get down stairs and open his presents. I wasn’t surprised when I asked Jack what kind of cake he wanted and he simply replied, ‘One like what’s in the tin’ …

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Lunch, Soup

Leek & Potato Soup

I love this time of the year, Autumn for me is also the start of ‘Soup Season’! I love soup, it is so satisfying and can be made with virtually anything – within reason of course! Today I made a big pot of leek & potato soup which went down very well at lunch time following a busy morning in town. …

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Everyday White Bread

I make brown bread and soda bread regularly however when it comes to white bread, mine is just never quite as I like it. Kevin however seems to just have a knack for it and his white bread turns out perfect every time. Having cooked many different recipes and used many different method he has found what suits him which …

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