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Percy Poole & the Ghost Train

W. Charles Thompson’s ‘Percy Poole and the Ghost Train’ whisks young readers back to 1933, as the fourteen-year-old son of a detective and the ghost of his sister embark on a railway-themed adventure they’ll never forget. It’s steeped in intrigue, thrills and whistle-stopping action!


Jack has been engrossed in Percy Poole & the Ghost Train this week. Here he shares his views on it.


Percy Poole and the Ghost Train is about a 14 year old boy who’s Detective Inspector father goes missing following the appearance of the ghost train! Percy, Sergeant Williams and the ghost of Percy’s sister Julia have to solve the mystery of the ghost train and also find Percy’s Dad, Brian Poole.

I read this book in three days, it was so good. I really enjoyed it. It is a must read for children who like to read mystery books or anybody who likes to read all sorts of books.

I would recommend it for anybody aged 8+. It contains a bit of violence!



Percy Poole and the Ghost Train´ harks back to a more innocent, bygone era of children’s stories. It’s steeped in innocent action and intrigue, and will compel all young readers to explore their imaginations with gusto.

“I wanted to create something that would captivate young readers, without all of the bad literary influences that are creeping into the market these days,” explains the author. “This is a mystery/action thriller for both boys and girls, unlike anything else being released right now.”
Continuing, “There’s plenty more on my writing table, so hop aboard the train and expect further adventures in the future!”

Disclaimer: We received a copy of Percy Poole and The Ghost Train for the purpose of this review which is Jack’s honest opinion.


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