Pizza with PaulO

Pizza features on our menu once or twice a month. The children love them and it’s a great way to get them involved with dinner preparation.

More often than not, I use my trusty soda bread recipe as the base for our pizza’s and other times, when I have the time I prepare what the kids call ‘normal’ pizza bases.

Today I’m using a different pizza base again in the shape of PaulO’s Pizza Dough.


PaulO’s Pizza Dough, manufactured here in Wexford, is supplied frozen and will defrost at room temperature in 4-6 hours and is then ready to use. A 450g pack will make two 12″ or three 9″ pizzas.

Photo Credit: PaulO’s Pizza Dough

I wanted to use the pizza dough at lunchtime so left it out early morning and it had defrosted by the time I wanted it. At first glance I wondered would the dough be wet, however it wasn’t, it was fine.


When it came to rolling it out, it took a bit of effort, the children thought it was very funny, every time I would lift 007the  rolling pin the dough would spring back into shape! We got there eventually though. I didn’t make any of the recommended size pizza’s, instead I did what I do well and judge by eye, making a large and a small one. I didn’t do circles either, no I prefer to call what I create, rustic & original, no uniformity here lol!

Then for the dressing, the kids favourite bit, they always top their own pizza’s and are creatures of habit.


The had what they have dubbed ‘5 A Day‘ sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese & ham.


Mr Simply Homemade and I had the same sauce along with peppers, spring onion, mozzarella, spinach & black pepper.


The recommended cooking time is 8-12 minutes, ours took 10 minutes and were cooked perfect.


I cannot fault the finished result, it cut easily, the base was lovely and thin, the outer edges nice & crispy.


The children were chuffed and all scoffed the lot.

PaulO’s Pizza Dough is currently only available in Wexford & surrounding areas. A 450g pack is €4.50, delivered, deliveries take place on Thursday evenings.

For further information check out PaulO’s Pizza Dough on Facebook.

I received a complimentary pack of PaulO’s Pizza Dough for the purpose of this review.

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