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Precious Little Pictures

All of my children love arts & crafts of all sorts. Crayons and paper can provide hours of entertainment.

I have boxes filled with artwork going back to when Chloe was a toddler!

Occasionally I will share some of the children’s art & crafts here with you, I think it’s all great, naturally of course I am biased.


Abbie asked Caoimhe to draw some of her favourite things for her and so she did. She loves fairies and recently discovered the Tinkerbell movies on Netflix which has only increased her fondness for them; and who doesn’t love flowers, ladybirds and butterflies?


Caoimhe brought this lovely painting home from school recently, I love it, daffodils in springtime.


Caoimhe wanted to give me a picture of the two of us together for my birthday, until Abbie caught her drawing the picture and insisted she add her too…….soother and all. It is cute …… though we do look like we may have been out in the sun a bit too long!!!

4 thoughts on “Precious Little Pictures

    1. It’s great…..I should really hang more of it up, when my older 3 each finished playschool I framed bits & pieces from the year in a collage type style and hung them in the downstairs loo… you do lol! 😉

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