Quinoa Pancakes

Pancakes are had for breakfast in our home multiple times a week. For the children it is mostly, as the small boy refers to them, the proper ones, however, for myself & Mr. Simply Homemade I love trying various different kinds.


These ones I have made a few times and now they are just right. They’re delicious, my favourite milk to use is Hazelnut (I make my own Nut Milk) but they’re also good with Almond milk. If you prefer to use regular milk, that will work too.


Quinoa Flakes can be found in your local health food shop, as can brown rice flour. Milled linseed is in all the supermarkets, even the budget friendly ones. If you don’t have cacao powder (again, the health food shop, though I have seen it recently in Aldi too) use cocoa powder.


100g Quinoa Flakes
25g Brown Rice Flour
20g Milled Linseed
1 Banana
1 Tbsp Cacao Powder
200ml Hazelnut Milk – or milk of your choice
1 Tbsp Honey

Oil for frying


  • Add all of the ingredients to your blender or food processor, if you’re using a blender add the wet ingredients first. A hand blender will do the job here too.
  • Give everything a good whizz until you have a smooth batter. The time this takes depends on the power of your machine but we really are only talking minutes.
  • Heat some oil in a pan, I always use coconut oil for pancakes. Add dollops of batter to the pan (I use a scoop for this) and watch them for a couple of minutes. When bubbles appear on the surface, flip them over and cook for another minute or two.
  • Serve up & enjoy them!


As with all pancakes, try different toppings. We love them with granola and yogurt. They’re also delicious with berries & a little syrup or berries and yogurt too.


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