Santa Letter Writing Party

The writing of the Santa Letter has become quite the occasion in Simply Homemade HQ. I have written about it previously and it has continued to be the source of much excitement for my two smallest children. At ages five and six, they are both bubbling over with excitement for Christmas. It really is wonderful.

As with all things, we’ve made some little adjustments. We no longer buy letter writing kits, instead, we use what we have to hand and the children decorate them accordingly. Not only is this less wasteful; it saves on needless spending and most importantly, the children use their imaginations and get creative.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows are still very important. A crucial ingredient in this too is the cream. My children reliably inform me that only ‘squirty cream’ will do. Yes, that awful stuff that comes in a can! It isn’t something I normally buy but to ensure the smooth running of this very important task,  for one evening only, I make an exception.

Now, one cannot have a letter writing party and hot chocolate without some homebaked biscuits. This year the had gingerbread people that we baked in the afternoon and they had great fun decorating.

Letter bake
Letter cookie cooling
Letter decorating

Christmas chocolates aren’t essential but they do go down wonderfully well when produced as a surprise.


It wasn’t only the children who enjoyed this task, Mr. Simply Homemade and I did too. I love carrying out traditions with my children year after year.

The letters are now written and are waiting to be posted. This will be done during the first week in December. We will bring the children to the post office where they will both purchase a stamp and proudly post their letters to the North Pole. The excitement will then go up another notch!!


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