Santa Letter Writing

There was great excitement in the Simply Homemade home this evening. It was time to write the letter to Santa! As all of us Mum’s & Dad’s are aware, it’s important to write your letter to Santa quite early as he has such a long list of children to organise every Christmas.


Now this wasn’t going to be just  quick note written, no this was, according to our little Miss, a ‘Santa Letter Writing Party’ There would be hot chocolate with marshmallows and homemade cookies that she would make with her big sister after school.


When I collected Abbie from playschool today, her teacher was able to tell me of this evenings plans, the fairy was fit to burst with excitement.

The first task was to make cookies, the girls took charge of these themselves with a little help from Mr Simply Homemade when it came to putting them in the oven. The made a simple chocolate shortbread and were chuffed with the results.


Once we’d finished cleaning up after dinner, big eyes fluttered eyelashes at me and asked; ‘Is it time now Mommy?’So hot chocolate was made, marshmallows were added and a little dark chocolate was grated over the top.


Then a very enthusiastic three year old sat at the table with her brothers and sisters, understanding for the first time the importance of this special letter that was being written.


We’ve written many letters to Santa over the years, but if I’m honest I cannot recall the same infectious excitement over this simple task from any of my older children, the fairy truly was bubbling over in anticipation of this little exercise this evening. It was heartwarming to say the least.

Ready to post!
Ready to post!

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