Seven Years of Simply Homemade

I have a dreadful habit of forgetting my Blog birthday, or blogiversary as it is referred to in blogging circles.

On the 15th of March 2011, I switched on the computer and started Simply Homemade on Blogger. Seven years later, a new platform, self-hosted and having added many branches to my little tree, I am still here.

It’s been seven years of up and downs in real life but my virtual world has remained; here for me when I need it waiting for my return when I take a break.

Simply Homemade represents me and my life. Where I once only blogged about the food we ate, now I blog about the things we do, shows we watch, books we read, places we go, the place we live and the hobbies I undertake. While the theme of the blog changed the name stayed. I feel it is synonymous with the content I create. Our life is what we make it. We live slowly and simply, conducting our life within our home.

I have never made a plan for the blog, I can’t imagine I ever will. It is what it is, it’s working for me and I hope it will still be here in seven years again.

I cannot thank you enough, the people who take time to read, to engage across my social media, to inspire me every day. I appreciate it and feel extremely grateful.


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2 thoughts on “Seven Years of Simply Homemade

  1. Congats on the 10 years. I love your craft ideas which are an inspiration. Hubbie is doing a wardrobe for the 10 year old boy – mixing mesh with timber this Easter weekend. Hopefully I’ll have photos to show you in a few days..

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