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It can be so hard to keep on top of all of the social media channels. I find I go through phases with each one.

For me each channel provides something different, each one giving you a glimpse at who I am.

This space here, my blog, my little magazine of variety will always be the heart of everything else. This is where my thoughts are documented, stories are told, recipes, ideas and even the odd craft are shared. This is my space,  who I am and what I am about,  laid out to share with you.



On my Facebook page I share links to my blog, interact with people, share things I feel may be of interest to my followers including fellow bloggers work, show lots of love for my home county  & it’s people; they are fabulous folk (Wexford -in case you didn’t know!) and respond to any queries my followers may have. I will of course do that across all of my social media channels so please feel free to ask a question, give me feedback or simply say hello via any channel.


I love Instagram, it’s so pleasing! My feed does not hold a candle to some of those I follow. They’re are some fabulous accounts to peruse. I’m not sure how I feel about all the recent changes to Instagram, the Insta-Stories haven’t really grabbed my attention, once or twice I have put something up I think. Having said that I have a tendency to be ‘late to the party’ so another month or two and I could be telling you I simply love Insta-stories!! I do like to chat and comment on photo’s though, get to know people on there too.


I’ve never been one to keep up with fast pace of Twitter. I do like it, it’s up to the minute, instant news. I have great admiration for those who can hold a conversation with many over there. I get distracted and that’s it, not a clue do I have where I am!


I joined Snapchat last year. I know! In my defense, I have already admitted being late to the party but sure, as we say here in Wexford, ’tis grand. I have been very fortunate to have ‘met’ some wonderful people via Snapchat, some I would go so far as to regard as friends. With regard my own Snapchat, I come and go with that a lot. It’s time you see, time I won’t get back! I have done some cooking on there, but as anyone who cooks for Snapchat will tell you, it takes twice as long as normal and when you have a family waiting on their dinner, it’s just not practical. Generally, for me Snapchat is now about having the chats, learning more about people, getting to know them and showing others where I live….as in Wexford, not my house, you do not need to see that!



That’s me, online. When I stop and think about all the channels, it’s hard to pick a favourite, though I have always had such a soft spot for Instagram so it’s post likely that. I hosted a photo challenge on there last February and will have the details for this years in a few days so stay tuned for that and come join me for #simplyfeb17.

Do you have a favourite social media channel? If so, which is it?



4 thoughts on “Simply Homemade Online

  1. One of the reasons I’ve now got a smaller blog was because I realised that newer social media was leaving me cold, specially Snapchat, which I don’t get at all. Twitter is my absolute favourite and I now have a handsfree feed app, so I can ‘watch’ all the updates when I’m doing chores etc. Heaven!

    1. Social media is moving forward at such a fast pace and it’s very much video lead isn’t it, which I’m not very comfortable with I must say. Now if we could find a hands free app to do our chores it would be amazing.

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