Simply Homemade Bakes

Say HELLO to Simply Homemade Bakes.

A few weeks ago a seed that had been planted many years ago finally sprouted! I guess I’m slow to start but I get there in the end.


Simply Homemade Bakes was born from a love of seeing the sheer pleasure people enjoy eating my homemade cakes. For many years I have been encouraged to sell my homemade fayre, but, with small children, a busy home and a lack of confidence I have always shifted the idea to the back burner.

I suppose I felt the time was never right. However, this year has been filled with heartache for my family and quite often with heartache come lessons. Life is extremely short, we aren’t here for very long at all. Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Clouds of Happiness

So with a very special little boy whispering in my mind, I took a leap of faith. I’m naturally introverted, quiet, reserved so this was a big deal for me. I naturally second guess everything, I needed to stop doing that and as my very best pal would say, just do it! So I did.

I have been blown away by the support, the feedback, the custom and the kind messages. People are wonderful and I am feeling very grateful.

I mainly offer cupcakes, bread, and scones. I can do small cakes but I don’t use fondant so I won’t be doing big, kickass, 10 tier monstrous cakes with fondant this that and the other. Like everything in my life, my bakes are perfectly imperfect, perfectly homemade.

I can feel a change in myself, other things that I have been putting off for years are coming to fruition.

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Welcome to the next chapter for Simply Homemade, welcome to the adventure.

You can follow Simply Homemade Bakes on Instagram & Facebook. If you live in Wexford and wish to order anything you can do so via the Facebook page.


On the Stout & Chocolate Cupcake – ‘Now these are something else, light, but rich & full of flavour and all thing’s nice.’

‘Ordered some cupcakes from Nicola, the presentation was super, the cupcakes looked fabulous & they tasted absolutely divine….. too nice in fact… thank you, Nicola’

The cupcakes went down a treat!! One even saying the nicest they ever had’

‘Worth driving from North Wexford for’

On the Chocolate Chip Cookies, which have since been renamed!- ‘These really are little clouds of happiness.’

‘Oh, my goodness – these are the yummiest cupcakes ever!’


I just can’t find the words to express how thankful I am. It’s beyond grateful. I’m blown away.