The fairy isn’t a great sleeper. She never has been. We had one spell earlier this year where she slept for 10 nights running, we got fierce excited, though this was it, but no, it wasn’t.

She’s 3 now, I can still call her a toddler at 3 can’t I, I mean ok, she doesn’t toddle, but she’s little, anyway I digress. She’s 3, she probably should be sleeping all night, her older brother & sisters were fully fledged sleepers at 3, her ‘baby’ brother is 2 and loves his sleep.

She’s sleeping now, with lots of teddies’ and her feet poking me in the back, its uncomfortable but not the worst position I’ve been in with her. It’s 4.32am, I should be trying to sleep.

Have I mentioned sleep? I need more sleep.

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