Slim with Tina-The Book Review

As well as partaking in the #SlimwithTina online Kickstarter Course, I have been reading Tina Murphy’s debut book.

Tina, a qualified Personal Trainer, is the founder of Run with Tina, an eight week programme that will take you from the couch to becoming a runner. Alongside the running made easy course, Tina created her Slim with Tina courses, which have helped people transform their lives. This book is the next step.  Slim with Tina comprises 320 pages, 11 chapters of invaluable knowledge, including 80 healthy recipes.

Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina
Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina

Tina’s aim is “to go back to basics, give straightforward information on what is healthy and what isn’t; why we need to eat all food groups and why fat can actually help you lose weight”.

Throughout the book Tina takes you on a bit of a journey, looking at your relationship with food, getting to the bottom of why dieting does not work. She encourages you to get to know yourself and includes some very interesting self assessment charts.

Most of us ladies, and some men too you will find, would agree that we are emotional eaters. With Tina’s approach we can learn to control this behaviour.

With the help of nutrionist, Elaine O’Gorman, Tina has an excellent chapter on base nutrition. All of the very important information, that really we should all know, is contained in this chapter.

This is followed by, ‘The Enemies’, wheat, sugar and processed food, all you need to know about these comprises this chapter along with a section on reading food labels. This is such an important skill that everybody should possess.

Tina discusses how to eat, the importance of eating regularly and has a very good hunger/fullness scale that will help you ensure portion control.

Then, we come to The Plan. Now, you may well be wondering what I mean when I say ‘the plan’. Is this where we start to count calories, points, numbers or syns?? Are we going to replace breakfast and lunch with a shake followed by a ‘proper’ dinner?? Not chance, no, Tina’s plan is a sensible approach. This is where you put everything you have learned about yourself as you have made your way through the book into practice.

You will start with a food diary so you can actually look at your eating pattern, what you are eating and where you need to make changes. This is the best and healthiest approach to making a lifestyle change that I have seen.

Other aspects of your life are examined also, after all the point of this book is to lead you on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Any food changes you make, will quite frankly, be the easiest part.

Tina examines exercise and it’s role in your life, which as well as the myriad of health benefits, I love just for headspace alone; and motivation. The motivation is not Tina motivating you, or your partner, friends, siblings, the motivation comes from within.

There are tips for everybody in Slim with Tina, those with busy lives, children, demanding jobs, tight budgets; this is achievable for everybody.

Delicious Pancakes
Tasty Bread

The recipe section is brilliant with recipes for every meal and lots of healthy snack ideas. There is this wonderful breakfast pancake recipe contributed by Jill over at and not forgetting the Soda & Flaxseed Spelt Bread  from Roseanne at Like Mam Used to Bake. I have cooked many recipes from the book which have all been delicious and, quick and simple to prepare.

If you are a serial dieter feeling at a loss as to where to turn next, if you want to stop counting calories and points, if you want to make healthy food choices and learn more about what’s good for you, if you are an emotional eater who feels trapped in that cycle, this book can help you. Slim with Tina is an excellent and complete lifestyle guide that will, if followed correctly, leave you feeling great from the inside out.

Slim with Tina is available in all  bookshops and can also be bought online.

 I received a complimentary copy of Slim with Tina, along with a complimentary place on the Slim with Tina Kickstarter Course for the purpose of review. The thoughts expressed are my own honest opinions.

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