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As I mentioned previously here and here I have been taking part in an online course with Tina Murphy, entitled, Slim with Tina Kickstarter Course.

You may think from the name that this is yet another diet plan, it isn’t, in fact it couldn’t be more different from any diet plan out there.

This has been a joy to be a part of. The camaraderie and support between the women participating and Tina within the facebook group has been lovely and I’m sure this will continue, the course may have come to an end but I have no doubt we will continue to use the group to inspire, share recipes, seek advice and listen.

So I’m sure you’re wondering what we had to do and the easiest way for me to tell you is to devise a little Q&A with questions I have been asked whilst taking part in Slim with Tina.

How do you join a Slim with Tina course?

You will find details about Slim with Tina, her course, what to expect on

Are you leaving out carbs or any other food groups?

No, this is about being healthy and including all of the essential food groups.

Do you have a weekly weigh in?

No, the main aim with this course is to learn to live a healthier lifestyle. You can choose to weigh at the start and again at the end, even each week if YOU wish to, but Tina does not encourage becoming obsessed with numbers, if you follow the plan, the numbers that may be concerning you will go in the right direction anyway.

Do you count calories?

No, there is no calorie counting, points system or syns for your troubles. It’s good honest, wholesome eating.

Photo Credit: Slim with Tina
Photo Credit: Slim with Tina

Do you have to quit anything then?

Yes, sugar and processed foods, which will account for most of the sugar in your diet anyway.

Is it hard?

Everybody is different so everybody will adjust to changes differently, for me personally, I don’t eat a lot, if any at all, of processed foods, I prefer treats made using natural sugars such as maple syrup, honey or rice syrup, so this wasn’t a major issue for me. What I found harder was the emotional side of it, why we eat, where our problems stem from. Us women, we’re emotional eaters, even some who may not think they are realise, hang on there now, I actually am.

How do you feel?

Honestly? Great! I’m enjoying my food, really enjoying it, guilt free, for the first time in years. I’m making healthier choices as I look at the nutritional value and not a points value.  When my toddlers allow me to sleep, I sleep well. I have more energy, my skin has improved (something which people have commented on!), I feel healthy, which is what I wanted from this.

Did you lose any weight?

I was reluctant to answer this question, I did weigh myself at the start and wasn’t sure if I would at the end of the four weeks. I’d developed a very unhealthy relationship with the scales last year and am reluctant to go back there. Anyway for the purpose of this review I decided it would only be fair that I would weigh again at the end. And having lost no weight for 6 months, I am thrilled to have lost 4lbs in 4 weeks, which I think you will agree is a healthy weight loss over that period of time. And I am delighted to report that of all the women within the group who recorded their weight at the start and again this week, have all experienced a weight loss.

(Thank you to my sister for being extremely curious and asking most of those questions!)

So there you have it, losing weight without dieting! Who’d have thought it??

Tina Murphy, uses a gentle yet very effective approach, it’s not based on calories or scales numbers. It’s based on nutrition! What’s more, she is speaking from experience, I would encourage you to read this interview with her in last weeks Irish Independent.

In a time when we are in the middle of an ever expanding obesity crisis, where 1 in 4 children in Ireland are overweight or obese, why are we not seeing more plans like Tina’s?? Nutrition based, not calorie based. We need to be encouraging people to make healthier choices, teaching them about the nutritional value of foods.

As a nation we are slowly seeing people change, not enough yet, but changing none the less, we are becoming more aware of what we are eating and of what we are feeding our children. Tina’s course is a great place to start if you want to implement change in your lifestyle, losing a few lb’s along the way is an added bonus.

Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina
Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina

Tina has a just published, what is proving to be a very successful book, also entitled Slim with Tina. Drop by later this week where you will discover what I thought of it!

 I have received a complimentary place on the Slim with Tina Kickstarter course along with a complimentary copy of Slim with Tina for the purpose of review. My thoughts on the book and course are my own honest opinions

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