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Much to my 11 year olds amusement,  I recently joined Snapchat. Now I have to be honest, I’m not yet overly comfortable talking on it, I have a funny accent! Where I got that from I don’t know. As for looking at myself, well the bonus for anyone who follows me is you won’t see much of me!!


If you would like to follow me, please do so, I’d love to see you!


I have to admit,  it’s terribly addictive; I have been known to sit the iPad on my cookbook stand playing stories as I clean up! People are fascinating and with snapchat, you really are getting a genuine glimpse into real day to day life.

Being new to it, I’m haven’t added lots of people yet. I’m hoping you’ll have some good suggestions for me. I follow a good variety of people and you may be surprised to discover that I am drawn to foodies… really, I’m like a magnet.

Here are just a few of my favourite snappers.

@kenmarefoodie – Karen of Kenmare Foodies is passionate about home cooking. Along with snaps of her beautiful home town, she also does  recipe tutorials, cooking the most mouthwatering meals. Her pizza oven is also a thing of beauty!

@wholesomeie – Caitriona is the lovely lady behind the hugely successful blog Wholesome Ireland.She grows her own food, has recently taken delivery of some terribly cute little pigs*, which her family will rear for the table and she also has the most enviable school route!

*My description of those pigs is exactly why I would be the worst person ever to attempt something similar….ever!

@thenakedblondie – Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will have heard of Nicola a.k.a The Naked Blondie. As well as being extremely witty and down to earth, this girl is pretty amazing. Having lost a phenomenal amount of weight and blogging her journey she has become (and deservedly so) an inspiration for many many women, everywhere.

@thehappypear – The Happy Pear twins are energetic. Whilst the rest of us are still tucked up in our beds, these two are capturing the early morning sunrise in Greystones. Expect lots of mouthwatering food, cute kids, topless handstands and overuse of the word ‘dudes’. I admit I find their feed enthralling.

@hunterslodge – Fiona Dillon  is probably best known in our house as the lady who owns Freddy Buttons!! As much as I love Fiona’s snaps for her chats and to keep up with what she’s doing, my fairy loves nothing more than catching glimpses of Mahatma Gander and all the other animals (she’s currently calling one of the latest additions to Hunters Lodge, some of the cutest little kittens, ‘Kitney’!) Miss Abbie is convinced that one of these days Freddy himself will appear in the garden!!

@bakemystyle – Miriam of Bake My Style is just so lovely. From Kerry, living in London and  currently completing a 12 week course in Ballymaloe Cookery School, and snapping her journey along the way.

@kellyloucakes – Kelly Lou creates the most amazing cakes. She is super talented and her snaps are just delicious.

@eatlikeagirl – Niamh from Eat Like a Girl is an Irish lady, living in London, travelling alot and snapping some delicious food. Super interesting feed.

@daintydiaries – You will discover lots of shabby chic gorgeousness from Catherine, and Blondie of course, from Dainty Dress Diaries and you may well end up with serious decor envy too!

@itscherrysue – Sue from Cherry Sue Doin the Do is brilliant, with tips & tricks galore, her support and kindness to her fellow bloggers is invaluable.

@blissbakery – Karen is the lovely lady from Yankee Doodle Paddy, infectious, lovely and most of all, kind. Her #tellthetruththursday series is super popular too so keep an eye out for that!

@traceyquinn89 – Tracey from Love of Living is so very lovely. She really does wear her heart of her sleeve and there is something especially ‘feel good’ about her snaps. She’s on a journey and sharing it, she’s a delight to watch.

So that’s a little ‘snapshot’ (sorry!) into who I really enjoy on Snapchat. Who am I missing, who would you recommend I follow?




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  1. I joined it a few months ago..can’t seem to get the hang of it although I hear it’s the place to be for bloggers these days!

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