So Many Questions

I just don’t get it….

So much has been happening in the news, stuff I have no particular opinion on, stuff I do have an opinion on, stuff that has my heart torn in two, stuff that, to me, seems completely illogical and irrational.

Repealing the 8th.

I’m not going to pretend I know the legal ins and outs of repealing the 8th amendment, I don’t. I’m not going to pretend I have read all that there is to be read regarding the 8th amendment, I haven’t.

What I do know is this; I am a woman, I am a sister,  I am a mother, I am a mother to girls. I know that during any of my pregnancies had there been a question mark over my health and my well being my husband and I would have made the right decision for us. It would not have been an easy decision to make, it would have been a heartbreaking decision to have to make. The added trauma of having to travel would have exacerbated the situation I am sure. However, we were extremely fortunate with our pregnancies and our children.

I also know this; if any of our daughters ever come to us and say they need an abortion, for whatever reason, health or otherwise, we will support them 100%. We will help them, we will not risk their medical or mental health. Again, if having to travel comes into it, it will further add to the distress but I really do hope that this will not be the case.

As far as I can see, and this is just my opinion, every woman has the right to choose what happens to her body. We can change our appearance without breaking the law, we can have tubes tied, hormones pumped into us; men can have vasectomies and rightly so, all without breaking the law; and as soon as a sperm meets an egg we hand over all rights to our own bodies… just doesn’t sit right, because, it isn’t right.

The Tuam Babies

Whilst the revelation regarding the Tuam Babies last week was not a surprise, it shook me to my very core, tore my heart in two. I looked at my two smallest children and hugged them so tightly.

The very society who is touting pro-life is the very society at the centre core of the scandal surrounding the deaths and disregard of thousands of women and children in this country right up to a very short time ago.

I am aware and believe that it is not solely down to the catholic church, however, I do believe that people lived in fear of the church and were very much persuaded by the teachings of the catholic church. I wish with all my heart that Mother’s, Father’s, sisters and brothers had stood up for their girls instead of having them locked away in these institutions, being punished for the ‘shame’ they brought on their families, to the community, to the parish…..

We have witnessed an overabundance of heartache and tragedy stem from the catholic church and its teachings, an organisation that welcomes children with open arms but only if they came from a home where mother and father were married, regardless of what went on in that home. If they weren’t married those girls were sent away, locked away; she made her bed so she lay in it. Children who claimed abuse were told to keep their mouths shut and not speak out of turn about those higher in society than them.

Ireland has come far. There is no longer any shame in having children out of wedlock; if you speak now about abuse you have a better chance of being believed but we still have a long way to go. Are we still not brushing issues under the carpet in sending problems away in the form of women forced to travel?? Are we not playing Russian roulette with the mental health of a woman being forced to endure an unwanted pregnancy because she cannot afford to travel?? Do the Mother’s of those babies and children who suffered at the hands of those controlling the Mother and Baby ‘homes’ not deserve some justice?? So many questions…..

Ireland has come far, but Ireland has a long way to go.

This is not intended as a factual piece. It is my opinion on the matters mentioned.

4 thoughts on “So Many Questions

  1. Yes to all of that. The hypocrisy (historically; maybe ongoing) of the Catholic Church is breathtaking. And I think for us today it’s really impossible to imagine the power they wielded in decades gone by – far more than any government or police force. We are moving forward, but progress is painful. The Eighth will be repealed. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. Thank you.
      It is hard to imagine how beholden our forefathers were to the church and yet it’s still there with the church controlling the teachings in our schools. The police didn’t hold a candle to the parish priest, he was held in such a ridiculously high regard.
      I do hope you’re right, the 8th is playing with here and now life.

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