It doesn’t really seem all that long since my sister got engaged, the time has just flown by and now the countdown is well and truly on!

Final countdown

The dress is bought, the flowers are ordered, the band are fine tuning their vocals and even the cuddle monster is suited. I still have to find something to wear myself, I’m not a lover of clothes shopping so, you know, we’ll say no more about that! I have something much more pressing to think about; my speech!


As you may be aware, our lovely Mam is no longer with us, so my sister has asked me to make a speech at the wedding, remembering our Mam and saying lots of nice things too about me…..her, I mean her, my sister!!


Now, naturally I said yes, of course I’ll make a speech for you. My heart screamed, ‘Go away with you!! I am not standing up in front of millions* of people to talk!’ My legs turned to jelly and wouldn’t budge. My comfort is here you see, I can write the words, that’s fine, but standing up in front of everyone, I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. On the plus side she has assured me that the speeches will be before the meal…..phew! Imagine not being able to eat my dinner – doesn’t bear thinking about!

What do I say? Do I google speeches and follow the ‘norm’? That’s so generic and I’m not generic. If the fashion magazines all say wear white, I’ll be the one to wear black! Perhaps I’ll channel my inner Queen Latifah and rap them words out; hell yeah! Eh, hell no, that is not an option, I’d clear the room before I’d even start. I could take a trip down memory lane and regale the room with tales of my younger sister, except that there’s nine years between us so when she was being all cutesy I was in the pub or some such place. One very vivid memory I have is when I returned from a night babysitting and she’d set our room on fire!! That’s not a joke, she lit my candles. She put the candles in the window, the window where a net curtain was hanging. Needless to say, candles were banned in our house from that moment on. Also, I don’t think she’d appreciate me sharing that story on her wedding day.

I think the best thing I can do, is jot down a few words, straight from my heart. Focus on the relationship I have with her now, remind her how proud I am of her and how much I admire her. Assure her that our Mam too, without a shadow of a doubt, would be extremely proud of the wonderful woman she has become. Then I shall raise a toast to her and her new husband, who won’t need to be welcomed into our family as he’s been a part of it for some time now, and I will wish them well with all the future holds for them.

Prosecco Quote

Me nerves!! Following that I’ll find the prosecco and hide under the table for the remainder of the night!

*May be a slight exaggeration!

4 thoughts on “Speech!

  1. You’ll be fab it’ll all work out in the end. How proud your mum would be.
    I asked my brother not to mention my dad at my wedding. It was only a year after he died. He’s a brilliant speaker and even though he was only 22 he was so witty and lovely. But then he ignored my wishes and gave a short beautiful mention to my dad ‘watching me’. It wasn’t enough to bring down the mood but it was so special and perfect and in a way it completed my day, because I needed my dad there.
    It’s a difficult task for you, as those family days heighten the loss, but I’ve little doubt you are well up to the task and I’m sure your mum will be very close by.

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