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Storage Pots

You may recall last year, I transformed some tin cans into small planters. They were very pretty and were home to some small trailing plants. I am by no means green fingered but these plants grew and brought me much joy.

You may also recall a certain hurricane last year, we went out and moved ‘everything’ that could blow around, anything that could cause harm and what not. Except for my little cans that were living on the kitchen window in a little wooden box. You know, there, in front of me, where they couldn’t be missed! Yes, they went, they actually disappeared for a while. One of them reappeared lately after a storm, it must have been underneath something, needless to say, it looks worse for wear now.

Anyway, this year, my tin can projects are staying indoors for the moment, though I will certainly be making more planters for herbs I think. For now, however, I am making containers for indoor use.

I’m putting a space together just for me, a place where I can write, craft, paint, even sew. Space where I can be inspired, a space that is mine and mine alone. It sounds much more romantic that it is. It’s a corner in our sitting room, but, it’s my corner and that is what counts.

As with all creative spaces, pens are a must! Something to keep pens, pencils, paint brushes in is also essential. Now, it’s tempting I know to just buy a nice holder but it is far more gratifying to make your own. And considering this is my creative space, it seems only fitting that I create something myself.


Upcycling a can is child’s play really. Use as much or as little artistic license as you wish, you can keep ideas simple, as I did here or you can be a bit more elaborate!

My space is white, it’s calm. So my containers fit in quite nicely. I painted them with a coat of primer which I had in the house. The top coats, of which there are two, on two of them is Shale White, a tester pot from Dulux which I also had in the house. The other one is Calm Cloud, another Dulux tester pot, which yes, I had in the house.

Primed, ready for transformation

I painted a smaller tin too, which I’m keeping small embellishments for future projects in. This too had a base coat of primer and two coats of Lipsync, from the Dulux Moda range, which again, I had in the house. I should explain, we repainted our sitting room last year, the tester pots were to help me chose a colour. The walls are still white!

The twine which you see on the can below is something I always have in my craft basket, The heart is from a chocolate treat the children were given at Christmas, I knew it would come in handy one day.

The washi tape on the other cans is from my daughter’s collection She uses loads of it and has quite a few rolls. The coloured twine of the cupcake one, I’m not quite sure where I got that. It was in my basket begging to be used.

I am delighted with these. They cost me absolutely nothing to make as I had everything I needed here in the house. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy small crafts like this. Crafts that leave me with something of use and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to mention Dulux, they just happen to be the tester pots we had.


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