Suckies Yoghurt Pouches for Kids

We try and provide the children with healthy snacks, with yoghurt being among the favoured choices.

Suckies Yoghurt Pouches

Not all yoghurts are as healthy as we would like to believe so check your labels and be aware of what you’re buying. One brand that has come to the market, that is a good healthy yoghurt, is The Collective Dairy’s range, Suckies.

Suckies are free from GM ingredients, gluten, artificial colour & preservatives and have no added sugar.

What could be better than that? Well, let me tell you…….they come in a pouch! I’m sure any parent who has watched and praised while their toddler has missed their mouth more than reaching it with a yoghurt pot & spoon will rejoice in the prospect of not having to hose their toddler down after a yoghurt ever again!

Abbie, chose to have a Peach & Apricot Suckie, Harry had Kiwi, Pear & Apple, they both really enjoyed them.

Perfect for little people 🙂
Easy to hold!

The pouches, once the cap has been safely removed by an adult,are easy for a toddler to hold and manage without any help; this makes them an ideal snack when you’re out and about.

Ideal for lunchboxes!

So many parents find school lunch boxes a mine field, particularly with so many products banned in schools. Personally, as much as my son loves to bring yoghurt in his lunch box, I deter from giving it to him as he’s a messy munchkin and the yoghurt always finds a place to land on his uniform! Suckies, however are ideal, both he & his sister had Sassy Strawberry Suckies, thoroughly enjoyed them and I wasn’t presented with a yoghurt stained jumper after school…..result! Jack likes his yoghurt to have a smooth texture and was very pleased that the Suckie had ‘no bits of fruit’!

As a parent I am very impressed to see The Collective Dairy produce something that is marketed towards children and is healthy. If I’m being completely honest, the name Suckies, irritates me, I’ve never been one to use baby language as my children were growing up 030and this to me, sounds like one of those irritating baby talk words, however it isn’t a deal breaker, the pros with these yoghurt pouches far outweigh the cons.

Suckies are a great on the go snack, ideal for lunch boxes, perfect for toddlers. 021

Suckies come in four flavours, Kiwi, Pear and Apple, Sunkissed Tropical, Sassy Strawberry and Peach & Apricot.

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Suckies can be found in selective Tesco & Dunnes Store’s throughout Ireland.

I received Suckies compliments of The Collective Dairy for the purpose of this review, which contains my own, honest opinions.

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