Sweet Potato & Quinoa Pancakes

I’m not a lover of ordinary, run of the mill flour pancakes but show me a recipe for alternative pancakes and I have to try it. Throw me a selection of ingredients to create my own and I am happy as a pig in muck!


It has taken a bit of experimenting to get these particular pancakes just how I like them. I’m happy with them now but like all pancake recipes, adapt them to suit you. I haven’t added any sweetener to these, the combination of the sweet potato and vanilla works just nicely, however,  your palette may cry for a dash of honey in there. Do what works for you, however, I would encourage you to try them just as they are the first time!

Ingredients-serves 1IMG_0872

50g Sweet Potato Puree
25g Quinoa Flakes
25ml Almond Milk
1 Egg
1tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Coconut Oil for frying


  • I puree a kilo of sweet potatoes every Friday to use for baking etc during the week. Just steam, mash, allow to cool and store in the fridge in an airtight container.
  • Quinoa flakes can be found in your health food shop; if you prefer a smoother consistency make the batter in the food processor or using a stick blender to combine everything.
  • I like Almond milk, that’s why I have used it here; feel free to use dairy if that’s what you have.
  • Coconut oil is not necessary for cooking, butter, oil or even a combination will be perfect too.


  • Add all of the ingredients, except the coconut oil, to a bowl and whisk them together until you have a nice batter.
  • Put a pan on to heat and add the coconut oil.
  • Using a tablespoon or ice cream scoop add the batter to the pan, this batter gives three pancakes.
  • Leave the pancakes to cook until a bubble like appearance forms on the top and they have browned underneath. This only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Turn them over and cook for another minute or two.
  • That’s it, pancakes done!


I love mine served with warmed raspberries and vanilla yogurt. However, you can experiment with other toppings; blueberries and vanilla yogurt are delicious too.


Peanut butter and banana or a simple drizzle of maple syrup would also work very well. Whatever way you have them, enjoy them! I would love to hear back from you if you do decide to give them a go!

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