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Switching Off for Christmas

Oh, it is nice to switch off and that is exactly what I did for Christmas this year. I did dip into Instagram and Twitter occasionally, very occasionally; mainly to see what people were watching! Little Women anyone? Posting just held no appeal so I didn’t post anything,  no pictures of my food, or the children or the children’s food either.

We had the fire lighting early, we had pyjama days, we watched movies, we read books. We ate when we were hungry, we snacked on chocolate and treats and cheese! I’ve eaten my body weight in clementines! (I love them)

There were cuddles, lots of cuddles. By some miracle, since Christmas Eve sibling arguments have been kept to a minimum. Nervousness, excitement, and awe are all contributing factors to this and I am under no illusions that the end of this little ceasefire is nigh so I will continue to enjoy it for now.

It hasn’t been idyllic. We’ve had illness (Mr. S/H), we’ve had exhaustion (Me, as a result of my pre-Christmas illness followed by MAD rushing and fretting-I will learn) the turkey was a tad dry (nothing a drop of gravy couldn’t fix), but it has been nice.

I rejigged my thoughts in 2017, it’s been so good. Things don’t have to be a particular way, things do not need to be perfect. Unless your life (or perhaps a child’s happiness at a particular time of year!) depends on it nothing has to be done (bill paying on time aside of course) We are all guilty of putting too much emphasis on stuff, on expectation, on things are really not that important in the grand scheme of this thing called life.

So for now, I’m back to the fire with a cuppa, my book and maybe a wedge of pudding! It’s still Christmas after all.


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