Lottie Dolls

We ♥ Lottie

As you may have seen over on my Instagram account, my small girl and I are now Lottie Brand Ambassadors….yay!   What does this mean you may wonder? We will be bringing you all the latest Lottie news, we may have giveaways, discount codes and of course, reviews of the brilliant Lottie products. Miss Abbie has been a Lottie fan …

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Another Year; Another Fairy Party!

When you’re four, incredibly cute with an extremely sunny disposition and you ask for a fairy themed party; you just know don’t you? The answer will of course be yes! It really doesn’t matter that it’s not your birthday or that you made the same request the summer before and we obliged, you’re not making an outlandish plea, you are …

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Parenting, Special Moments

Fairy Party

My littlest girl, my 3 year old, my baby, my fairy. She has been asking for a fairy party for a some time now. We made a Fairy Garden during the summer, she put in her request again for her much longed for party. We are now in the last week of the summer holidays, ‘Please Mommy, can we have a …

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Baking, Celebration

Fairy Cakes

I haven’t posted a cupcake recipe in a long time. Considering these little gems were a bit of an obsession of mine for a while, you may be surprised, however, we have seen many changes in our diet in the Simply Homemade kitchen and we have made huge progress in cutting down on refined sugar. Our littlest girl, Miss Abbie …

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