No Bake Recipes

No Bake Peanut Butter Squares

I love having a few no-bake recipes up my sleeve, they are usually quick to prepare and simple enough for my creative tween to rustle up herself too. These little squares are no exception and they are extremely delicious. Ingredients 150g Crunchy Peanut Butter (use good quality, whole peanut butter, I use Meridian) 90g Coconut Oil   50ml Maple Syrup …

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Gorgeous Granola

 This granola features in my #betterbreakfasts and it is, I think, the nicest granola I have ever made. I wanted a granola that the children would eat, so I had Caoimhe on board in deciding what would go into it. It isn’t packed full of different things, but it is simple, tasty and nutritious. I wasn’t sure how it would be …

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Glenisk Chicken Curry

As I mentioned previously the Irish Parenting Blog Awards  are happening on the 25th April. One of my favourite brands, Glenisk are the headline sponsor of the awards. To celebrate their sponsorship of the awards they are running a great competition for bloggers. I did submit this entry already, which was a delicious treat I made with Abbie & Harry, then …

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Cookies & Crème

Caoimhe recently suggested that we have dessert on a regular basis. I suggested that they all eat the entire contents of their dinner plates on a regular basis. Dessert wasn’t mentioned again. Today however is a big day for Caoimhe, this evening, along with 51 other pupils from her school,  she will participate in the 3rd Wexford Youth Orchestra Festival …

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