Lilac in Black & White

Caoimhe is on the blog today sharing her thoughts on the debut novel for children by Christine Doran entitled Lilac in Black & White.   ∗∗∗ Recently I read Lilac in Black & White by Christine Doran. This book is about a 10 year old girl called Lilac who lives by the sea;  and her relationships with her friends Agatha …

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Chocolate Marble Cake

Caoimhe, my 11 year old, absolutely loves to bake. At the moment her ambition is to have her own bakery. Being 11, I am aware she may change her mind, but, I really hope she doesn’t and as long as I encourage her and nurture her dream, there is a good chance it will stay and fingers crossed, come into …

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Art/Craft for Children

Love Lives Here

The tween has extended her crafts to the garden, much to my delight. I mentioned previously that we have a lot of stone in our garden from a cottage that was here previous to our home being built. Caoimhe has taken one of those stones and transformed it into a beautiful piece of craft that is now sitting pretty on …

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