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Cake by Caoimhe

Caoimhe was back in the kitchen today. She baked a delicious tea time treat for us all. Over to you Caoimhe. ********** Hi 😄 I’m Caoimhe I’m 10 years old. Today Mam said I could look in the cookbooks and find a healthier recipe to make. After about half an hour reading through books I decided on a Victoria Sponge …

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Art & Crafts for Children, Chit Chat

Fairy Garden

Abbie & Caoimhe love fairies. Abbie thinks believes she is a fairy. In her defence, most people have referred to her has a fairy since the day she was born.   Herself and Caoimhe have two fairy doors in their bedroom and are often visited by Abigail and Holly, their fairy friends. They exchange notes on a regular basis and are …

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Chit Chat

Engagement Goodie Bag

My sister recently got engaged! We’re all thrilled, it’s very exciting planning a wedding. I had recently read this post on Lisa’s Wedding World and thought it would be nice to put an Engagement Goodie Bag together to give her at the engagement party. I love doing things like this, they can be as funny, personal, sentimental as you like and …

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