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Spooky Cakes

We didn’t make any plans for today, which was just as well as both boys are under the weather. Luckily, Netflix is on fire at the moment with its offerings for all the family so while the boys chill on the couch watching Lego, the fairy put plans for the afternoon into action. She’s told them in no uncertain terms …

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Chocolate Sunken Soufflé Cake

Every year the kids get to choose their own birthday cake and I will endeavour to produce a near perfect replica of their selected recipe. When they’re young, naturally it isn’t a recipe they opt for, instead I get requests for cakes with Disney characters, animals or cars etc. As they get older, the challenges come. This year my eldest …

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My Birthday, My Cake

So yeah, I’m another year older, that much further away from my youth, that little bit closer to the bus pass. I’m at that stage in my life where I can make the kind of cake that I want for my birthday with no apology. I loved last years, it was delicious, I enjoyed every morsel that passed my lips. …

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Kickstart Kids

Kickstart Energy Bites

I was thrilled to be back with the brilliant teachers and children in Kickstart Education & Childcare today. Now Spring is finally here (well sort of!), the children will be spending much more time outdoors, burning lots of energy; so my latest recipe is, for what I like to call, Kickstart Energy Bites! These little bites are nut free and packed full …

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