Special Times, Special People

As I conjured up some delicious delights for some very special people yesterday, I couldn’t help but reflect a little on their life together.


This weekend, my lovely Auntie & Uncle will celebrate 40 years of marriage.


On a fair September day in nineteen seventy four,

A lovely young couple joined hands forever more.

With hearts and dreams, their family life began down by the Lee,

But soon they were home to roost, where they were truly meant to be.

Then came the 80’s, they were bloody tough,the recession it had hit

But hard work, tight budgets, and most of all, their strength got them though it.

Life got very tough at times, with illnesses and tragedy.

They’ve had more than their fair share, more than anyone should see.

An open door and warm hearts, this couple they both share.

A lot of us, we would be lost only they are there and truly care.

Forty years of memories and happy tales of life together,

Forty years for the couple who joined hands forever.


They are an inspirational couple, who as I mentioned above, really have had far more shite than is really necessary; and yet they stop, drop everything for anybody who needs a hand held, a kind word, tears wiped away, a shelf fixed or a hug.

Well big hugs right back, the world would be a nicer place if we had more people like them.

Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary Mary & Richard



I don’t know if Barry White means anything to Mary & Richard, but the title seems appropriate, and it was a big hit in 1974 ;-); oh  & I did give them more than cake!!