#30daysofgratitude Days 11-20

I’m still thoroughly enjoying Karen’s 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. There is just something so rewarding about giving thanks every day for something, regardless of whether it’s big, small, significant or not. It really doesn’t matter, it just proves how lovely it is to be thankful. Day 11  As regular readers will have seen here on the… Continue reading #30daysofgratitude Days 11-20

Adult Crafts

Rediscovering Knitting

We’re probably all familiar with the plastic needles and small balls of wool with a simple pattern to produce a scarf or something similar during our primary school years. My experience with knitting was something more than that. My mother knit every  day. She would knit us cardigans, jumpers, toys. She even knit Aran Jumpers for… Continue reading Rediscovering Knitting