How to Survive January

Welcome to another year with Simply Homemade. I’m taking a fresh view to January this year. Let’s face it, January can be a tough month. I have never been a fan of January, I’ve never found it to be the kindest month. There are, certainly what feels like, at least 576 days in it! For many of us, we struggle with the ‘new year, new you’, ambush. We may find it hard to get motivated, the 1st of January starts in the same way as the 31st of December; dark. However, we no longer have the twinkling lights of December to add a cosy glow. January can often be a month filled with anxiety, guilt and melancholy.

So, with all of that in mind, I decided to make a list. I’m quite good at lists, and I like ticking things off my lists. I decided on 31 things that I could do in January. There are things to do with the children, with Mr Simply Homemade and most importantly, time for me. This list is merely suggestions, you could adapt and change to suit you, give you something to focus on and feel positive about for the month ahead.

The 31 Days of January

  1. New Years Day – Spend time with family/friends. Reminisce on the year that has gone and air hopes and dreams for the year ahead.
  2. Get the children to pick some books and read together for a while.
  3. Pop some popcorn, curl up on the sofa and watch a movie together.
  4. Grab your diary and make some plans for the months ahead.
  5. Do something crafty.
  6. Nollaig na Mban, Women’s Christmas. Acknowledge the day in some little way that means something to you.
  7. Take a walk, just listening to the sounds around you.
  8. Coffee Date with your partner/friend/yourself!
  9. Make homemade hot chocolate and enjoy it by the fire.
  10. The full moon in January, known as the Wolf Moon, will be shining in all its’ glory. Gather the children, watch it and make up a story for the man in the moon and his wolf pal.
  11. Bake something you’ve never baked before.
  12. Write a story with the children.
  13. Do something creative today.
  14. Take a full hour for something mindful, yoga, journaling, meditation – whatever works for you.
  15. Before bed, have extra extra cuddles and chats with the children. (More than the usual cuddles and chats!)Let them tell the story and see how they’re doing.
  16. Spring clean an area in your home.
  17. Bake and decorate some cookies.
  18. Have a day trip, just get in the car and head off for the day.
  19. Indulge in a delicious breakfast.
  20. Make s’mores for the children.
  21. Visit the beach, listen to the waves.
  22. Draw/paint with your little artists.
  23. Bake some bread, one you haven’t made before if you regularly make bread, something simple if you’re not a confident baker.
  24. Have a cinema date, see a new film, perhaps there’s one you’ve been waiting to see.
  25. Make afternoon tea and enjoy it with your loved ones.
  26. Go out for the afternoon, have a walk, visit a local attraction.
  27. Make today a Date Day!
  28. Wander your garden, make some plans for the incoming Spring.
  29. Spend time on a hobby, time for you.
  30. Games night…..gather willing kids, board games and snacks. Let the fun commence.
  31. Cook a special dinner, you got this.

Whatever way you choose to approach January, I do hope it’s kind to you. I hope you find time to do the things you love, to try the things you want to try and there is an abundance of joyful moments. 

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