Body Positivity

Blurred Lines ~ Body Positivity

Adore your body, it houses the dreams and desires of your wonderful mind. It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything regarding Body Positivity. For me it’s a journey, being honest, probably a never-ending one. Some days, when I’m in a good frame of mind, I’m ok. Truthfully, those days have been few and… Continue reading Blurred Lines ~ Body Positivity


My Cloud – ‘Two years on, most days I’m back…’

Two years ago this month I was diagnosed again with Depression. It wasn’t a surprise, not really, not deep down. I thought I was tired, run down. I thought my PCOS was causing problems.  I thought I just needed vitamins, more veg perhaps, less wine. I thought I thought, I thought. After much talking with… Continue reading My Cloud – ‘Two years on, most days I’m back…’