Adult Crafts

Perfectly Imperfect by Simply Homemade

Two years ago I had an idea that stayed just that, an idea, I wasn’t in a good place so didn’t give my idea any thought. One year ago I thought about it again but didn’t act on it. Why? Confidence. That’s the simple, honest answer. This year my idea was still very much present in… Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect by Simply Homemade



2000 – There was much hype around the year 2000, it was of course the Millennium year so it was an exciting time, the turn of the century, the dawning of a new era. A slice of life in 2000….. Bertie Ahern was Taoiseach. We were buying in pounds and pence. In fact, you could go… Continue reading 17

Adult Crafts

Rediscovering Knitting

We’re probably all familiar with the plastic needles and small balls of wool with a simple pattern to produce a scarf or something similar during our primary school years. My experience with knitting was something more than that. My mother knit every  day. She would knit us cardigans, jumpers, toys. She even knit Aran Jumpers for… Continue reading Rediscovering Knitting