Festive Musings

Christmas is Well & Truly on it’s Way……

………and I have a lovely treat for a lucky winner….read on!!! The decorations are up, the food preparation is under way, the advent calendar is filled ready to start the countdown and the children’s excitement is growing at a rate of knots! It’s such a busy time, but I wouldn’t change any of it, every weekend… Continue reading Christmas is Well & Truly on it’s Way……


Fascinating Foodie Documentaries Netflix #StreamTeam Ireland

Have you heard of FoMo? No, well neither had I until last week. FoMo is the ‘Fear of Missing out’, you learn somehting new everyday. Last week, 20th – 26th October, was National Parents Week, no I didn’t know that either, too busy with the children to realise!! Netflix were encouraging Mums to take a… Continue reading Fascinating Foodie Documentaries Netflix #StreamTeam Ireland


September Brings – Netflix #StreamTeam Ireland

September brings back to school. Back to school then brings the return to routine and along with that we see the arrival of coughs and colds, sore throats and runny noses, and in our case this year……..injury! Poor Caoimhe fell in school, landing awkwardly on her ankle and finding herself in an awful lot of… Continue reading September Brings – Netflix #StreamTeam Ireland