A Thank You Note to Tesco

Dear Tesco,

The last 24 hours have been somewhat fraught in the Simply Homemade home.

Yesterday started ok but went downhill very quickly, it wasn’t pretty. Customer service within a certain company leave a lot to be desired.

I did manage to squeeze in my online shop with you however, a service I am so extremely grateful for as shopping with two little people can prove stressful, holidays mean adding three older kids  into the mix ,  I can quite often found wandering up and down through the off license wondering if the staff would understand if I just opened a little bottle there and then! I don’t think that would go in my favour, so a cuppa, the laptop and a stress free shop is far more favourable!

Anyway, back to yesterday, happy in the knowledge that my shopping was done it was time to get my little people ready for bed however, they had only gone and found a new surge of energy, turning wind down time into wind up time!! As my own bedtime approached, my youngest offspring, my cuddlemonster could be heard coughing….’ssshhh, don’t breath, he’ll stop in a minute, he’ll be fine’……he wasn’t, he had to be brought down from the comfort of his cot, his cough was getting worse. Vicks was applied to his feet, followed by a pair of socks and lots of cuddles. Eventually he settled….it was late.

At 3 am the Cuddlemonster was wheezing, he couldn’t get comfortable, my poor baby. I brought him downstairs, and we watched Netflix until 6am, when Mr. Simply Homemade took over. As I crawled back into bed I said a silent thank you to myself for doing my Tesco online shop the evening before and saving myself from having to traipse around the store with a poorly little boy.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you how tired I am today. Many moons ago, when I was a young one, out all night and working all day, a man who used to come into the hotel where I worked would look at me and say, ‘You’re eyes are like pissholes in the snow’ That’s how I look today, my eyes sting. Mr. Simply Homemade isn’t much better, he’s had a meeting rescheduled twice and eventually cancelled. This day is giving us nothing to smile about; or at least it wasn’t!


The Tesco shop arrived within the allotted time as always. The driver was courteous and polite, as always. He said there was one change to the shop, I glanced at the receipt and through my groggy eyes registered something about wine and bread, ‘That’s grand I said’ assuming both items were unavailable. The shopping was unpacked, the driver (as with all the drivers who come to our house) entertained the small people ‘helping’ him with the crates.** As I was packing away the shopping I was sure there was extra bread, I don’t buy much bread and assuming that the loaf I’d ordered was unavailable I thought it strange that there was extra. Mr. Simply Homemade who was home again, between cancelled meetings and a tad annoyed, picked up the receipt and started to laugh! I looked at him, ‘What on earth are you laughing at?’

My 'Wine' LOL!!
My ‘Wine’ LOL!!


He said; ‘Jesus is alive, working in Tesco and has turned your wine into bread’ I then too looked at the receipt and we laughed, and laughed some more and I’m still laughing when I think about it. The wine and bread hadn’t both been unavailable, the wine was and had been substituted with the bread!! Hilarious!! (Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the receipt before the Cuddlemonster made bits of it!!)

So Tesco, thank you ever so much for cheering us up and bringing laughter after what can only be described as a crappy 24 hours! Mr. S/H is gone to buy a bottle of wine and I’m going to rustle up a few sandwiches for tea 😉


Kindest Regards,

Simply Homemade

** (On a serious note, hats off to the Tesco Wexford Delivery drivers, they are all friendly and patient with my children who insist on helping them and help from a 2 & 3 year old can quite often be unhelpful – trust me I know!!)

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