A Word of Thanks & A Spell On the Radio

Before I tell you about my little jaunt on the radio I would like to say thank you.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. When I hit publish on ‘My Cloud‘ I never expected the response it received; the response I received. I was, and still am, completely overwhelmed from the comments here, on Facebook, Twitter, the private messages. The level of empathy has been phenomenal, the number of you who shared your own stories, who opened up to me, who understood. Once again, thank you.

for being a part of our day

Later on, in the week, I published the cloud I received a phone call from an acquaintance who works on Beat FM. She asked if I would record an interview for their Sunday Grill show. I said I would, thought about it later. The following morning she got back to me again, she’d read my blog post and asked if I would be happy to talk about it. Again, without thinking, I said yes. Arrangements were made and I put it all to the back of my mind until last Friday morning.

Ooh, my nerves. I couldn’t eat a thing Friday morning, I was literally shaking, awash with nervous tension. What the feck had I agreed to at all?

Mr Simply Homemade and I went to Waterford in the afternoon, out to Beat Fm where I met with Louise Heraghty who was hosting the radio show. She put me at ease straight away, she is a complete dote and it was easy to relax in her company. We literally, sat and had a chat, before I knew it, the interview was done, dusted and I was starving!

Fast forward to Sunday morning and I was a ball of nerves again. I couldn’t remember what I had said, I was petrified I’d sound like an awful scatterbrain. Had I strung sentences together okay? Had I spoken too fast, too slow? Did I repeat myself? Oh my word, what about my accent?

The show was on, I cuddled up to Mr Simply Homemade on the couch, under my dressing gown (me, not him) Then I was on, me, on the radio. It sounded weird, not Louise, she sounded great. My phone was beeping, texts of support, well done and a few little cheers. I have lovely people in my life. And then it was over.

If you’d like to have a listen to my ramblings, you can, here they are:

I leapt out of my comfort zone and it was ok. I was worried;  I let anxiety creep in, I was a nervous wreck but it was ok. Now I am back to the safety of my laptop, back in my comfort zone but I’ll always be able to say, ‘I was on the radio’ (queue hysterical laughter!)


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3 thoughts on “A Word of Thanks & A Spell On the Radio

  1. Hi I was on John Murray’s Radio show a while back and will never forget the cold fear of the light going on and having no idea if I would be able to speak when spoken too. There were two other freelances with me and it worked out ok. I have no desire to ever hear the item again but know I would have been scalded if I hadn’t done it. Weird eh?

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