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I was tagged to do this post some time ago by the lovely Danielle over at Lilliwhiterose . It’s much harder than it initially seems, two pages, lots of crossing out and random outbursts of ‘ooh hang on’ before reaching for the notebook again and here we have it.

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I am an avid reader, however two babies and lack of sleep mean I haven’t actually read a book in 3 years!! I was shocked myself when I realised that. However, I do read lots of great blogs , Easy Food magazine, a million bedtime stories and of course my cookbooks, yes I often grab a coffee and look wistfully through my cookbooks, earmarking many recipes I will one day get round to cooking.

Blogging is my hobby, I get so much enjoyment from it and am feeling very excited about where this second blog takes me and all the new things I will write about.

Simply Homemade (1)

I absolutely love Christmas, it is my favourite time of year, it just feels so magical. From the excitement of writing letters to Santa to the delicious food planning, the Christmas lights to the traditions, the smiles on my childrens’ faces to the sense of pride I feel as they perform alongside their friends in their Christmas plays and carol services, I love every second of it all.

Mr. Simply Homemade and I love to dine out, unfortunately we don’t get much opportunity these days, but life moves at a fast pace and it won’t be long  before we can frequent fine restaurants again…..I hope!

I don’t get enough exercise, I am well aware of this, I know I must do better; I can’t be the only one who finds it difficult to fit it in though surely…..can I???

My family mean the absolute world to me, my Mr. Simply Homemade and our five phenomenal children. They’re are simply the best and I wouldn’t swap them for diamonds.

I’d really like to have a nice garden and be good at gardening, I wasn’t blessed with green fingers however, on the plus side, my garden is very sympathetic to the natural surroundings, ’tis extremely natural 😉

Simply Homemade Mum1

I give hugs, I’m a hugger, I hug Mr. Simply Homemade and the children countless times everyday, hugs are important, I feel better after a hug, everyone feels better after a hug, a hug can fix all sorts.

I often drift away into my own little world and imagine I am relaxing somewhere calm and serene, with the sun shining and barely a whisper of a breeze; instead of listening to the children create a civil war, fire random toys across the room and literally tear each others hair out!!

I don’t like James Bond movies, never have, never will.

My kitchen is my happy place, I’m quite contented to be there conjuring up many delights that will bring happy smiles to those who consume them. I will always choose cooking or baking over housework, always.Simply Homemade Mum

Lists, lists every where….I make lists, then I make lists of lists, I lose my lists, make more lists and all too often, abandon the lists!!


My wonderful Mam, died extremely unexpectedly, very tragically and far too young. Not a single day goes by when I don’t think of her, she would have gotten so much joy from her grandchildren. Sometimes life really is inexplicable.

I’d like to think I am a nice person, I would never intentionally offend you, if I can help you I will, I will always be polite, my mam used to always tell us manners cost nothing and she is right, the same can be said for kindness, if you let me, I will be your friend.

There was a time when I was extremely organised, those days appear to be a distant memory…..

I take lots of photographs, I’m terrible for letting them build up and not get them developed, I did get some as a collage on canvas a couple of years ago, perhaps I’ll do that again, I love it.


I prefer a quiet, calm start to the day, in a home with five children that rarely happens of course and I’m sure when the day arrives that every morning is quiet and calm I will type a post telling you all how much I miss the chaotic mornings in the Simply Homemade home!

In 1997 I moved to Rosslare Harbour to work, this is where I met my Mr. Simply Homemade and while we don’t live in the same place, we live very close to it, a little bit of countryside 10 minutes from the beaches, it’s perfect for us and we’re very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of our lovely County Wexford.

10440757_770603672971363_5422167912020951812_n 552635_604687449562987_1008410667_n


I am very lucky to have three younger siblings, two great brothers and one wonderful sister. How I ended up being the shortest of the four of us I don’t know!!

I’m a fan of traditions, I do things with my children that my mam did with me and we create new traditions too, that hopefully my children will carry on with their children.

I cannot fathom why anyone would feel the need to iron their underwear…..

We don’t eat enough vegetables, well I do, I love my veggies, I really wish my children would eat theirs, they are so so good for them.

I worry a lot, about everything, from the smallest things to the biggest things, I’m just a worrier, which can actually be quite stressful but it’s also a trait I have been incapable of changing.

Every year we sit down as a family on a Saturday night with the obligatory treats and watch the X Factor and every year we declare it to be worse than the last but every year we watch it…..sure it means treats!! (*it’s tradition*) Personally I’d rather watch Strictly, so would Mr S/H, for different reasons to mine of course, but the children have the casting vote!!

I think I will always be young at heart, I certainly don’t feel my age now, granted, I look it, but it’s how we feel that counts …. isn’t it?

Zzzzz’s we don’t get much sleep, Mr S/H & I, since Little Miss Abbie’s arrival in 2012, I think we’ve had one spell of 10 nights in a row, that’s it, she is a dreadful sleeper, I will be bang on trend as soon as dark circles around eyes become fashionable, and they will, I’m sure of it!!

There you have it, the A-Z of Me, I now tag Another Drop of Ink, The Nest, My Toddler Cooks & Fat Deb Slim, – have fun should you choose to take part!


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  1. Thanks so much for doing the tag. Christmas is my favourite time of year too. Your kitchen is so homely and has a lovely happy feeling to it, I loved it when I went to visit you. Xx

  2. Love it. With each blog post I feel I get to know you just a little bit more – and you do give great hugs!! Will defintely be making the trip to the sunny south east this summer for more of them!! xxx

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