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The Happy Pear, Recipes and Stories from the first ten years, is the debut book by twin brothers, David & Stephen Flynn.

The Happy Pear Cookbook

The Happy Pear Café and Health Food shop is the brainchild of David & Stephen, they approached their local green grocer after some time away from our shores, with a request to buy the shop and went on to start a very successful food revolution.

Needless to say, it was a very wise move by these two young men and they have gone on to create and expand. What was once a green grocers, has now become a Health Food Shop, a Café, their brother Darragh is the man behind the highly successful Sprout Farm and they have a hugely successful Happy Heart Course which has enabled people from all walks of life to make vast improvements to their health and wellbeing. This is now available online here, it is well worth checking out, in particular if you or someone you know may be suffering from high cholesterol, this course is achieving amazing results, over 400 people have completed it with an average drop in cholesterol of 20%!!

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This bright, vibrant book is their story, their passions and beliefs, it contains a wealth of amazing recipes, beautiful photographs and it is infectious. Now, you might think ‘infectious’ is a strange choice of words, but these guys are that, and it comes across in the book, they are so genuinely passionate about what they do, the people they have working with them are more than just employees, they honestly care about them. Their enthusiasm for good healthy food flows through the pages and if you have ever listened to these guys speak you quickly realise that community is at the heart of all they do, with free porridge, suspended coffees, baking competitions and smoothie roadshows among some of their many ventures.

They teamed up with Penguin to bring their story and recipes to print, and they have produced a great book. It is laid out exceptionally well, with their biography mingling nicely amongst the mouth-watering recipes for breakfast, soups, salads, mains and of course the sweet treats.

Despite being vegans themselves, David & Stephen Flynn are not trying to convert the nation, instead they have one simple message, ‘Eat more veg’, a request I’m sure we all recall our mothers and grandmothers making, and we in turn are now telling our own children to do the same. If we were all to start with one recipe from The Happy Pear once a week it would be a good start.

Roasted Carrot Hummus

I am always eager to recreate something from a new cookbook and this was no exception, I ignored the children’s requests for the ‘Caramel Bars’ (if I’m honest, this was only because I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand!) and opted instead to make the Beetroot, Walnut & Feta Burgers, topped with Roasted Carrot Hummus. The burgers were absolutely delicious and the hummus, divine, the children loved it and we used it as an alternative to butter on sandwiches aswell.

Beetroot, Walnut & Feta Burgers

A day trip to Greystones is definitely on my to-do list as unfortunately I have not paid a visit to The Happy Pear Café & Health Food shop as of yet, I became familiar with it through my quest to improve my own diet & lifestyle. I do have friends who live closer, are regular visitors and happily sing its praises!

I would highly recommend The Happy Pear, Recipes and Stories from the first ten years, which is currently number 4 on the bestseller list, I won’t be surprised when it hits the top spot. It can be purchased here on The Happy Pear website and from all good retailers.

I purchased my own copy of this book.  I  was not asked to provide this review, it is simply my own honest opinion of something that has impressed me enough to write about it.

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