The Judges Wife-A Book Review

Whilst we have reviewed books for children here in the past and of course I have shared my thoughts on many cookbooks, this is the first time I have shared a review of a fictional book I have read myself, for my own pleasure.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Ballroom Café, the debut novel from Ann O’ Loughlin, Irish journalist and now author. When her more recent book,  The Judges Wife,  appeared on my ‘recommended for you’ list I downloaded it without even reading they synopsis, that alone is a testament to how good The Ballroom Café is!


The Judge’s Wife: A captivating, emotional and uplifting tale of unspeakable secrets and enduring love

From the outset, I could not put The Judge’s Wife down. Moving between 1950’s and 1980’s Ireland and India, Emma, the estranged daughter of an esteemed judge unravels decades of family secrets as she puts her Father’s affairs in order.

As the story spans three decades we learn many harrowing secrets surrounding Grace, Emma’s mother. A passionate love affair, an arranged marriage, time in an asylum and a very conniving aunt all form strands on a tangled web of lies.

We have heard many distressing accounts of what it was like in asylums in Ireland and Ann O’Loughlin leaves nothing to the imagination in her portrayal of what life was like for the women incarcerated in The Judge’s Wife. Those accounts in the book prove to be quite an emotional read.

The Judge’s Wife is a very real tale. The lengths people went to in order to save face, the lies that were told; whole segments of people’s lives buried deep and never spoken about again. While this book is a work of fiction, it does mirror reality in Ireland in those times.

The author has written such an enthralling tale.Will Emma and all those affected by Grace’s story cope as the secrets of the past are revealed? I would certainly recommend reading the book to find out and I really look forward to reading more from Ann O’Loughlin.

I purchased my own cope of The Judge’s Wife, I was not asked to write a review. This is my own honest opinion.



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