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The Linen Press

I had to replace wardrobes in one of the bedrooms recently. I didn’t mind, the ones we had were well past their use by date. They were no longer big enough to suit our needs. One of them, in particular, we have had for about 14 years. This wardrobe was the better of the two and I felt there was still some life left in it yet. Thankfully, the idea that formed in my head came to fruition and I have a new piece of furniture.

Like many households I imagine, we find storage to be a bit of a problem. My hot press was straining under the weight of all it held so I decided to upcycle the old wardrobe into a Linen Press. From now on, this is where all of the bed linen and various blankets would be housed.

The first job was to remove the wooden strip from the top of the wardrobe, the heart-shaped handles, the hanging rail and the drawers.

The drawers in the wardrobe had been repaired numerous times over the years. Rather than do another repair job on them, we removed them all together. The second wardrobe had less life left in it but rather than waste it, Mr. Simply Homemade took it apart and cut a shelf out of it and put this into the bottom of the Linen Press. We also used part of the back of the old wardrobe to put at the back of the press as this had been open when it was home to drawers.

We had a storage basket on the landing and it is a perfect fit for the bottom of the press.

For shelving inside, I had the shelf part from an old canvas wardrobe that I’d used as a stop gap a couple of years ago. Mr. Simply Homemade cut them to fit inside the wardrobe and they’re ideal.

I had two knobs on a couple of the kitchen presses that are perfect for the press doors. They aren’t identical but for me, this just added to the appeal of using them.


I washed down the wardrobe and then painted it
with some Johnstone’s Pastel Blue Cupboard Paint I
had left over from reviving my larder press. The wardrobe didn’t need any primer or sanding. Once it was dry,  I gave it two coats, applying the paint with a roller. As you can see it covered extremely well.
There was no touching up required.


The biggest satisfaction for me in doing this press was the zero cost element. I had everything I needed. We have created a whole new piece of furniture and added some much-needed storage to our home.



Disclaimer: This project is a collaboration with Johnstone’s Paints & their ‘Do-ers Campaign’. Johnstone’s supplied me with paint so I can show you how easy it is to breathe new life into tired furniture or better still, create something new from something old.


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