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We are avid readers in the Simply Homemade home and occasionally I will share with you here what the children are reading, it may well inspire some fresh ideas for your own bookshelves and I always welcome suggestions for new books my children might like to read.

 As a child I loved nothing more than getting lost in a good book, and I still do when I get the chance! Thankfully, it seems to be a trait I have passed onto all of my children. From the time they were tiny babies I have been buying books for them and they were all read to when they were small.

Miss Abbie is the little one I currently read to every night, Harry hasn’t quite grasped the idea of sitting and listening to a story just yet.


I don’t want them to associate reading with just being a bedtime activity, so as I did with the older children too, I set up a little reading corner for them and they love it.

harry reading chair

Abbie loves to relax in the little chair and flick through her books, she loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar in particular, we have a copy of the book from when Chloe was little, it seems to be one all of the children love.

PicMonkey Collage

Some time ago Caoimhe & I were browsing the gorgeous Where Wishes Come From and we came across this wonderful page with activities to coincide with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. With beads and pipe cleaners, we created our own little caterpillar.caterpillar

Now when Abbie & I read the book, we do so accompanied by her little friend who says ‘nom nom nom’ as he eats his way through the book!!

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