Things I’ve Noticed in Surreal Times

This is the most surreal time we have ever found ourselves in. Time has stopped, the whole world is in crisis and our emotions are on the greatest rollercoaster that ever was. News is coming at us from all sides. If ever there was a time to switch off our phones and take stock of what is around us, this is it.

I’ve noticed many things over the last couple of weeks, realised things that I probably would have under normal circumstances, but perhaps they have simply registered with me more.

  • There’s an awful lot of silly people out there, people who think they are above all that is happening now. Luckily, there are far more intelligent folk in society who believe that the best thing to do is what is being asked of us.
  • My beast of a mixer was one of the best investments I have ever made. It’s being worked to the bone as I am baking every day. Baking is so therapeutic and judging by the lack of flour on supermarket shelves, many people are baking these days.

  • The beach is a wonderful place to breathe. I take it for granted and don’t visit it enough when I can. Now that movement is restricted and it doesn’t fall within our 2km radius, I miss it. The freedom, the sounds, the sheer tranquillity. I look forward to visiting again.

Simply Homemade Beach

  • Structured school work with a million sheets of paper and time tables and two children at different but similar stages is not for me! I know why teaching was never a calling! I am not pushing it, but my children remain enthusiastic. I’m sure it will wear off.
  • Nature is thriving. We’ve all seen the images of the water in the canals of Venice. However, closer to home, new growth is all around us in abundance. The air smells of Spring blossom, it feels clean, different from what we had become accustomed to.

  • We are learning fast, to think outside the box. No longer can we ‘nip to the shops’ for gifts/cards etc. This can only be a good thing. Material things really do not matter.

Cookies Simply Homemade

  • I miss my Nana. I thought about ringing her the other day, I was wondering how she was coping with all of this. Then it hit me, I can’t ring her anymore. Grieving is never easy but during all of ‘this’, it’s just very very strange. It’s hard to explain, it’s like I have detached myself from those days we had to say goodbye; like it was someone else, another family, and I was just looking on.
  • Some days are harder than others, much harder. Everyone’s emotions are heightened. Children are missing their friends. One day they were in school, the next they weren’t, with no clear idea of when they would go back. Exam students are stressed. They’re being told exams will happen, but will they really and when will they?? Who knows?? Parents are trying to hold everything together, hide their fears, keep everything normal and calm. It’s hard. Some days are harder than others.
  • Time to breathe in fresh air is precious. Staying within our 2km radius is vital, but the air and open space is too. We stop, we listen, we inhale and we look around us. All the things we took for granted, now we see, we hear, we feel.
  • Whilst the world is turmoil, there is an abundance of kindness. I hope the kindness stays.
  • Pets are great for cuddles. All the pets. Our pets are also so good for the children.


  • We’re going to run out of paper soon! That will mean a trip to the shop, I’m assuming paper is an essential item, for sanity alone.


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