This Is Five


The elusive ‘they’ say that time flies. The days are long, the years are short, so on and so forth. It pains me to say it, but ‘they’ are right. The last five years have slipped by in a heartbeat. He won’t let me refer to him as my baby anymore.

Two in the morning; ‘Is it time to get up yet?’ 
He’s excited you see, very excited.
I give him a cuddle, ‘not yet little man,
Sleep another little while.

Is it time now Mom?
Six forty-five, the alarm has gone off, it’s time.

Flying down the stairs, throwing open door.
‘I‘m so excited, I’m five!’.
Vibrant, high spirited, animated.
Excited to be five, a big boy now.



His requests were met. A Thomas balloon awaited him too, this was very important! He had two cakes, one for playschool that had sweets on it. The one for home was to have the Gruffalo on it. It did, it was lovely. I didn’t photograph it (hopefully that was my only slip-up!)

The Playschool Cake

This boy had simple wishes. All he wanted was to spend time with us, to play and to listen to his ‘birthday playlist’, his very own Spotify list if you don’t mind!

We spend our time with our children, making note of all the firsts. I held my little boy today and couldn’t help but wonder how long more will he be contented to sit with me for cuddles, how many more times will he run to me just to have a hug in the middle of a game, how long more will he happily hold my hand?



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